Windshield Wiper – See Things Clearly!

Windshield Wipers - See Things Clearly!


Visibility is a key component of your driving experience! How often do you think about your Windshield Wiper Blades?


Here’s everything you didn’t think you needed to know about your windshield wipers:

Wipers contribute more than any other part of your car to your ability to drive safely. Besides using your windshield wipers when it’s raining; it helps with cleaning out the streaks, smears, dirty spots and uncleaned areas left by bugs that have flown into your path or birds that have deemed your windshield as the perfect place to leave droppings. Wipers help keep our front & back windshields clear so that we can always see what is in front of us or behind us!


Overtime the rubber of your wiper blades tends to wear out if you do a lot of driving. The rubber blade will eventually lose its flexibility and become less effective at doing its job. When this happens your safety is severely compromised because they can permanently scratch your glass or worse cause unsafe driving.

Signs to look out for:

  1. Dirty spots & streaks.
  2. Cracks, tears & missing parts.
  3. Squeaking Sounds.
  4. Greatly reduced visibility.
  5. Detached arms on the wiper itself.
  6. Metal Corrosion.

Having clear vision is key and Sandolly Wipers are premium products that were designed & manufactured to ensure your vision is clear as you drive! We have The Ultra Stream Lined Universal Flat Wiper, The Ultra Streamlined Multi Clip Flat Wiper & many more – which provide the driver with maximum safety and comfort in any weather condition. Sandolly Wipers are known to be the top choice for drivers who are after quality and comfortable driving.


Windshield Wipers - See Things Clearly!


In addition to our Sandolly Wipers we have our Eurol Screen Wash Concentrate which is an excellent cleaner for dirty windshields & it leaves a fresh lemon scent after use. Moreover, this product is non corrosive and dries on your windshield without leaving smeary stripes!


Windshield Wipers - Eurol Screen Wash Concentrate

Think you need new Wiper Blades? Stop in at any of our Tire World Ltd Branches or call us on 0709 733 000 & our experts will be more than happy to assist you so that you can get back on the road with confidence & clarity!



Visit our website for more information:
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Windshield Wipers - See Things Clearly!

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As the Company expanded its wings, it also diversified its portfolio into agricultural machinery, real state and farming. Gudka Westend Motors Ltd then changed to GUDKA GROUP and formed separate companies within the group to manage the different portfolios.

Tire World Ltd was formed in 2015 to solely focus on the tyre business of GUDKA GROUP and expand its reach into the whole of East Africa which has always been the focus of GUDKA GROUP.




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