MAXXIS Tyres For Your 4×4 Vehicle Because They Deserve It

MAXXIS Tyres For Your 4x4 Vehicle




Introducing RAZR AT811 From MAXXIS Tyres For Your 4×4 Vehicle. Performance when it’s wanted & Safety when it’s needed.



You wouldn’t wear a pair of slippers to go bush walking neither would you wear hiking boots to the beach. Good tyres for your 4×4 are essential and ensuring they are the right fit for your driving adventure is key. Our RAZR AT811 is a tyre that will make your 4×4 vehicle look like it has Proper Big Boy Shoes on, even if you only ever use it for the supermarket run or picking up your kids from school. We’ll go so far as to say that in terms of general aggression, it’s the best looking All Terrain Tyre the world has ever seen.

When you first set eyes on the RAZR AT811 you’ll be forgiven for assuming they’re a full on mud tyre. No longer do you have to forgo the looks your 4×4 deserves because you don’t navigate off the tarmacs regularly. The Maxxis RAZR AT811 is a wolf in wolf’s clothing because it helps keep your vehicle stable under high speeds and resist punctures, gives you a smooth drive on the road while being stable on braking under force. It comes across as all menacing and ready for a dust up and those looks aren’t deceiving.  It can handle the rough stuff and seemingly enjoys nothing more than showing you its wild side.

Our RAZR AT811 is for people who are looking for an all-rounder that offers the best balance for on and off road driving. Whether, it’s time for a family trip to the in-laws; it behaves all nice and civilised, with excellent manners or when you want to enjoy your drive to the Rhino Charge Event happening next week on 17th July, RAZR AT811 will get you further in rough conditions while your tyres mould to the terrain and grip with extra biting edges as it gives you more grip off-road.

MAXXIS Tyres For Your 4x4 Vehicle

MAXXIS Tyres For Your 4x4 Vehicle

Performance when it’s wanted

Safety when it’s needed.


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  • Engineered using the know-how Maxxis has gained from years of research in the off-road and all-terrain tyre market, the Maxxis RAZR AT811 is cutting edge in every way!
  • Blade shaped tread block design ensures excellent off-road traction and water drainage in wet weather conditions.
  • Aggressive ‘side biter’ lugs assist in providing optimal traction in muddy conditions and protect the sidewall from cuts and punctures.
  • Unique shoulder lug design assists with traction in heavy off-road conditions – especially when being driven at lower inflation pressures.
  • ‘Saw edge’ shoulder blocks enhance traction in harsh off-road conditions.
  • A unique stone-ejecting shoulder groove reduces the possibility of stones lodging between tread blocks and damaging the tyre casing.
  • Dual-layer high tension cap ply ensures excellent cornering ability on and off the road, as well as further improving puncture resistance.
  • The high-strength polyester carcass construction improves cornering ability and ensures optimal puncture resistance.
  • A high elasticity lower sidewall filler compound results in excellent ride comfort – especially on unpaved roads.
  • The 3 ply sidewall construction provides further puncture resistance in off-road conditions.



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As the Company expanded its wings, it also diversified its portfolio into agricultural machinery, real state and farming. Gudka Westend Motors Ltd then changed to GUDKA GROUP and formed separate companies within the group to manage the different portfolios.

Tire World Ltd was formed in 2015 to solely focus on the tyre business of GUDKA GROUP and expand its reach into the whole of East Africa which has always been the focus of GUDKA GROUP.




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