Journey With Maxxis Tyres

Journey With Maxxis Tyres



When you think of the safety features of a car, you’d most likely think of the side mirrors, seatbelts and airbags. While these are all important features, there’s another important part of the car which many vehicle owners tend to overlook, which we will discuss today: Tyres!  Journey With Maxxis Tyres


Always spend time to ensure you have correct & safe tyres on your vehicle:

  1. Always replace your tyres with the same size designation as recommended by the vehicle or tyre manufacturer.
  2. Ensure you have the correct tyre size for your vehicle.
  3. Tyre brand, size and tread pattern must be the same on each axle.
  4. Ensure you purchase original brands and not counterfeit & avoid second hand tyres!
  5. Never assume that the tyres on your vehicle are correct, even if you have newly purchased it.
  6. Over and under-inflation reduces tyre – to – road contact and shortens tyre life, reduces cushioning power of tyre. The tyre is more prone to damages and the biggest single cause of “burst” tyres. Under-inflation causes excessive flexing of the tyre sidewall which leads to overheating and ultimately, causing break-up and treads separation.


We are the sole distributors of Maxxis Tyres and have been awarded ‘The Safest Tyre Brand’ consecutively for the last three years since 2019. Our products are unequalled in quality and performance & our way of life is to touch every individual from the matatu sector, to the hard core die hard 4×4 fans, the rally maniacs, the corporates with their fleet of trucks, the cyclist communities and our beloved saloon car lovers.


Our Tyres are covered with Maxx – Sure Tyre Insurance. One Year Free Puncture Repairs & Tyre Damage Guarantee 

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MAXXIS has a June offer on tyres and other products call us to find out 0709 733000


Call us on 0709 733000 and learn more about your tyres or click here and visit any of our branches for a free multi point inspection!



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Gudka Group was started in 1978 in Kisii, within the Nyanza region of Kenya. The group’s focus was to supply and distribute automotive parts and tyres in East Africa. In 1984 the Group opened its second branch in Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya.

As the Company expanded its wings, it also diversified its portfolio into agricultural machinery, real state and farming. Gudka Westend Motors Ltd then changed to GUDKA GROUP and formed separate companies within the group to manage the different portfolios.

Tire World Ltd was formed in 2015 to solely focus on the tyre business of GUDKA GROUP and expand its reach into the whole of East Africa which has always been the focus of GUDKA GROUP.




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