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Zuri Awards rewards women making a difference in the community

Zuri Awards, an initiative by Go Gaga Experiential, on Friday, March 6, 2020, rewarded 10 women changing the lives of Kenyan communities through their work. Winners were drawn from the Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Innovation, Media, Sports, STEM, Young Achievers, Special Category and Public Service fields.

Here are the names of the winners in each category:
1. Agriculture Category – Lilian Amina
2. Healthcare Category – Pasqueline Njau
3. Education Category – Eunice Njoki
4. Innovation Category – Jacklyne Namadi Obago
5. Media Category – Lilian Kaivilu
6. Sports Category – Mary Mbaka
7. STEM Category – Ruth Kaveke
8. Young Achievers Category – Abby Chebet
9. Special Category – Beatrice Malika and Quinter Odongo
10. Public Service Category – Jackline Odhiambo

An average of three people had been nominated in each category. But what set the winners apart from the other candidates was the intensity of the problem they are trying to solve, the number of people that problem affects, and the number of resources they spend to solve that problem.

The main aim of Zuri Awards is to celebrate the unsung women heroes in our community. The key focus of Zuri Awards is Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 which focuses on Gender Equality. The 2020 Zuri Awards theme was ‘An Equal World is an Enabled World’. This year’s awards ceremony was the fourth one.

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