Your Perfect Year Starts with The Mixology Rock Cocktail

Because A Balanced Diet Is A Cocktail In Each Hand

Cocktail recipes can surely move with time, but only the classics endure. And that’s why we dedicate our time to come up with the most popular classic cocktails.

Today we are going to feature the Mixology Rock.


  • 45ml Whiskey
  • 90 ml Coffee
  • 15ml Ginger
  • 10ml Lemon


  • Pour 45ml whiskey in a glass and put in some ice cubes.
  • Add 90ml coffee followed by 15ml ginger and then add 10ml lime juice.
  • Shake all the ingredients using a shaker.

Served in a whiskey glass

Not For Sale To Persons Under 18 Years

Excessive Consumption of Alcohol is Harmful To Your Health. Please Drink Responsibly.

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