Who Does Wildlife Belong To By Raabia Hawa

The Future of Wildlife Is In Your Hands


As a wildlife conservationist, I am often approached with the question “What can I do to help wildlife?”. We are facing a major challenge in conservation today where plans are being made to develop National Parks that are not good for conservation and the long-term survival of species.


Today, I want to simply remind you, that these are YOUR National Parks and YOUR wildlife. Kenya Wildlife Service is the custodian of wildlife on behalf of the people of Kenya. Your voice matters, if you care about wildlife, take a few moments to join groups on various platforms and follow KWS and other wildlife organisation handles where you can learn more about how you can get involved to save wildlife today!


Knowledge is power, and you can be the voice of our voiceless wildlife for future generations.




Article by:


Raabia Hawa | Director

Ulinzi Africa Foundation

Founder, Walk With Rangers Initiative

Honorary Game Warden, KWS

+254 788835348

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