Welcome to the Two Rivers Mall Nairobi

Two Rivers Development Limited (TRDL), set on 100 acres of mixed use design and located in Runda, Nairobi provides premium facilities comprising REL (Retail, Entertainment and Lifestyle facilities), modern office spaces, residential apartments, hotels and public amenities; and is positioned as Africa’s pre-eminent destination. These facilities are master-planned to be supported by high quality centrally managed state of the art infrastructure. Its design is based on functionality, viability and sustainability and is conceptualized as a city within a city; and its development is planned in an environmentally sustainable manner that seeks to protect and preserve the unique physical features including the water resources and the riparian reserve.


The Development will be constructed in phases fully capitalize on the value created by each phase and will have a total build up area of about 830,000 sqm when complete. Phase 1 has seen the successful delivery of Two Rivers Mall, Two Rivers Office Towers, City Lodge Hotel (3 star) and Victoria Bank Offices.


The Development’s flagship product, Two Rivers Mall (TRLC) sits on circa 67,000 sqm and clinches the title for the largest retail center in SSA (outside of SA) housing over 200 stores and with a great variety already open and trading offering local and international experiences in retail, entertainment, fashion and dining. Retail giant Carrefour’s largest hypermarket in EA anchors the mall which also boasts fan favorites like Nike, Burger King, Hardees, Spur, Swarovski, LC Waikiki, Platform, Ashley Furniture, Art Cafe, Decathlon, Madmax Karting, Two Rivers Theme Park, Tomoca and state of the art cinemas coming soon.



The mall has the largest indoor and outdoor family entertainment offering in the region with its dancing fountains a local marvel. Its modern look is pleasantly complemented by artistic African pieces featuring art installations of giraffes, hippos, zebras, African masks and a beautiful baobab tree wrapped in African print (Kitenge) material dotting its spaces.



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