Wambui Ngunya Prepares To Climb Mt. Everest

Wambui Ngunya Prepares To Climb Mt. Everest

You may wonder: WHY does she want to climb Mt. Everest?

She wants to undertake the Nepal Expedition to place focus on & recognize the abilities of older persons; be it in the area of sport, business, health, contribution to society etc. She is 55 years of age and has been training in preparation for this challenge. If all goes according to plan she will be the oldest African female to have climbed Mt. Everest. It goes without saying that the public in general does tend to underestimate the abilities of older persons and even discriminate. In her experience, during the preparation for this expedition, some companies have not felt comfortable supporting an older person. However, she is here to attempt to change that narrative; and she has begun that work already.

I am embarking on the Nepal Expedition. I am a keen conservationist having had my first long-term experience with the outdoors when I was a student at Outward Bound Mountain School (OBMS) Loitokitok in 1985. Following this experience, I sought any opportunity to be outdoors in the plains, the coast or the mountains and I have been privileged to have worked part-time as an Instructor with OBMS (when we were on UoN vacations). I have had the opportunity to have climbed Mt. Kenya over 40 times; the last time being April 2022- Mt. Kilimanjaro 5 times and Mt. Meru once.

During all these travels I have noticed how our flora and fauna have suffered/become depleted as a result of human encroachment and perhaps a lack of attention by the general public that the choice to fell a tree today will have a long-lasting effect on future generations.

In this regard, she wrote a draft proposal in 2019 shared with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on the need to stabilize the climbing routes on Mt. Kenya so that climbers do not destroy the very delicate vegetation on the Mountain. Tanzania has done a very good job regarding this issue on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru.

In 2017 she was appointed as one of the Directors of Colobus Conservation, Diani and to date, she continues to undertake projects to protect our tree cover, educate the general public and in particular the youth on the need to take care of our environment. One of her projects is the Cruise 4 Colobus motorcycle ride (that incorporates boda-boda riders) from Diani to Samburu (Mombasa Road) and back where along the way we speak to residents about the need to protect & plant trees. The last event was in February 2020.

I am an Honorary Warden with KWS and in this capacity, I have been engaged in talking to schools about tree planting in their compounds, sending out information to the boda-boda community which they share with their customers and organizing training for KWS officers in Kwale County; the last one having been held on 11 March in Kwale. On a sporting angle, she facilitated the participation of both KWS and Kenya Forest Service (KFS) officers in Kwale to participate in the Diani Half Marathon held on 26 February 2022. They did very well and a KWS staffer came third in the men’s event.

Wambui Ngunya is physically and mentally prepared to take on over 40 days of hardship and endurance to the summit of Mt. Everest. However, the greatest hurdle at this time is the cost. We call on you to make this mission POSSIBLE. Join us in reminding the women in Kenya and the world to be bold and FEARLESS.


Wambui Ngunya

Wambui Ngunya is a lawyer by profession and a conservationist by heart. I have been climbing mountains for over 35 years having first climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1985. This year, at age 55, against the backdrop of a world ravaged by a pandemic, war,  physical and mental health issues, I choose to show that there is better. My message is simple. There is hope. If I can do it, so can you. As I prepare to climb Mt. Everest, I invite you to be part of my journey. Let’s spread a message of hope. Let’s redefine the meaning of the word FEAR.


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