Unveiling The Kenya Event by New Earth Africa

Unveiling The Kenya Fashion

Unveiling The Kenya Event by New Earth Africa and Fashion by Sally Karago Collections


Check out the Kenyan collection by renowned Fashion Designer’ Sally Karago with her inspiring theme at the Unveiling Kenya Event

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Sally Karago Collections got the opportunity to visualise 7 regions of Kenya on a Fashion Runway. The theme of the event was ‘Unveiling The Kenya’. Showcasing the diversity of Kenya and the beauty of the land as we birth the Nation in its newness.

The event took place on the 5th of September at the Kingdom Business Network off Ngong Rd.

The following Kenyan Regions were featured on the fashion runway:

  • Coastal
  • North Eastern
  • Central
  • Eastern
  • Western
  • Rift Valley
  • Nyanza

Unveiling The Kenya

Unveiling The Kenya

Unveiling The Kenya



+254 728 206 134 | WhatsApp | skcollectionshop@gmail.com



Sally Karago Collections - Unveiled

Sally Karago is a renowned Kenyan fashion designer that has stirred the imagination of the Kenyan fashion industry since her début in 1993 at the Smirnoff Awards. Sally Karago’s interest in fashion began at the tender age of twelve. Sally loved to stitch dresses for her dolls and insisted on coordinating clothing for her parents and sisters.

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Empowering Women Through Fashion with This New Collection by Sally Karago

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