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Look around and you’re sure to find something trendy, something timeless and classic, or something chic, as you will almost – at a moments notice – be drawn to something that appeases your eye, indulgence and character as soon as you step into this amazing artisanal jewellery store. Although it may invariably be more difficult to find something that has all three traits above in other conventional jewellery shops in Nairobi, that’s not the case at the opulent Pakeezah Jewellers Showroom located at Stellato Mall, First Floor, Muthithi Rd., Nairobi, Kenya, where only the finest pieces are shortlisted to appear on their almost unending displays of jewellery sets, rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings and much more. With a penchant to offer clientele unique, one-of-a-kind and tasteful jewellery in their premade collections, some of which you’ll see below, if you want something custom-made according to your personal preference and style (an extremely popular service here) you needn’t look any further. If we’re honest with ourselves it does take a rare jewellery piece (or set for that matter) to stand the test of time, to look good with quite literally anything you wear, and to hold true value, but this is exactly what you can expect when visiting East Africa’s finest bespoke jewellers – Pakeezah Jewellers. For all your jewellery enquiries, viewings and bespoke jewellery consultations dial +254 733 768 440 / +254 710 205 265

If you love to peruse or flick-through the latest international fashion magazines whether hard copy or online, and are observant of jewellery trends that have made an indelible mark when it comes to timeless, classic & chic over the last decade – you’re sure to recognize some of these inspirational styles and designs exclusively at Pakeezah. Specialists in Gold, White Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and other precious stones ofcourse, here is just some of what you can expect to see in their showroom this season.

The Subtlety & Shine Of Pure Silver

When you’re looking for that clean cut, timeless and classic look, nothing beats the versatility, subtlety and shine of pure silver. At Pakeezah you can be rest assured, that every piece accentuates the look and feel of your everyday or occasional wear, and keeps things elegant, classy and fashionable too. Check-out these amazing silver pieces, with a few sparkling embellishments ofcourse. Let’s begin with some fabulously trendy silver hand chains and bracelets.

Gents Pure Silver Infinity Bracelet (18.4g)
Gents Pure Silver Custom-Design Bracelet (15.6g)
Ladies Pure Silver Infinity Star Bracelet (2.15g)
Ladies Pure Silver & Coloured Pearls Bracelet (2.15g)

Adorn these ever-fashionable and timeless beauties around your neck, check-out some of Pakeezah’s silver chains and chain sets.

Ladies Trendy Pure Silver Stars Chain (2.15g)
Ladies Pure Silver Chain (22.35g) & Earrings (3.25g) Earring Set
Ladies Trendy Pure Silver Rope-Clasp Chain (14.3g)

If you’re going for a more traditional, classic and intricately designed look, these pieces are an absolute conversation starter

Ladies Pure Silver Hearts Bangle (18.3g)
Ladies Pure Silver Bracelet (2.5g), Necklace (8.05g) & Earrings (2.05g) Set

Take a gander at these endearing Pakeezah Silver Earrings

Ladies Pure Silver Bow-Shaped Earrings (1.5g)
Ladies Silver Loop Earrings (4.8g)

All That Glitters Is Timeless Gold

The 22K Gold Collection of the Season

Timeless gold jewellery, whether 18carat or 22carat is the perfect touch to any outfit. Whilst trends and fads may come and go, gold jewellery if as well designed as it is at Pakeezah Jewellers, is made to last a lifetime. If you’re going for the trendy-chic look you’re in the right place, because these pieces are crafted to make heads turn. Let’s begin with Bangles & Bands.

Ladies 22carat Gold Band (47.8g)
Ladies 22carat Gold Band (57.8g)
Ladies 22carat Gold Bangles (Each Bangle 14.95g)

Next let’s move onto some of the seasons top must-have 18carat and 22carat chains & rings

Be Sure to Check-out Their 18carat Gold Chain Selection

Here are some of the more popular gold chain styles in fashion at the moment

Ladies Pure 18carat Gold Rectangle Cable Chain (8.75g)
Ladies Pure 18carat Gold Oval-Rectangle Link Chain (8.25g)

Onto these elegant 18carat Gold Rings

The 18k Gold Ring Collection

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, either for yourself or a loved one

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