Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi – Introducing The First of Its Kind in Nairobi

Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi - Introducing The First of Its Kind in Nairobi


Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi –  Brings You The First Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi

Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi is the first rum bar in Kenya and Eastern Africa. A unique gathering place in Nairobi providing a vast selection of Caribbean rums and across the world. With over 50 different rum brands, we offer more rum than all other bars in Kenya combined. Our bar aims to reach over 150 bottles of different rums within the 1st year.


The food menu at Tortuga Rum Bar has been designed by an award-winning Caribbean Chef offering a variety of traditional bites and dishes from all over the Caribbean. This includes spiced meat, seafood and vegetarian options, bringing that all in your face Caribbean flavours at Tortuga Rum Bar.


Designed in a relaxed and comfortable setting, full of vibrant colors, it offers outdoor and poolside seating, and two bars to quench everyone’s thirst with selected new flavours of rums and rum-based cocktails and cigars!


Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi - Pool Cigars & Cocktails
Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi – Photos by Mutema Photography


Why Tortuga?

Tortuga is the Spanish word for Turtle. The name Tortuga Rum Bar derives from the “Isla Tortuga” in Spanish or “Turtle Island” in English or “Île de la Tortue” in French and “Zile Latòti” in Haitian Kreyòl because of the turtle shell-shaped island. It is a Caribbean island that now forms part of the Republic of Haiti, off the northwest coast of the main Island.


Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi


During the 17th century, this island became the first big establishment of pirates/buccaneers and served as their stronghold from where they have launched numerous attacks. The island was an important centre for Caribbean piracy where pirates traded their stolen goods from ships and towns they attacked and camped for days before heading out to look for other ships and treasures. Among those goods they traded (and drank) was that precious spirit called #Rum #Rhum #Ron thus the link of having a rum bar named Tortuga.



Currently the Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi is Open Only for Takeaway and Delivery. Check Out The Delicious Caribbean Signature Menu


Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi


For Orders Call or WhatsApp


Tortuga Rum Bar Nairobi


Disclaimer: Excessive Alcohol Consumption is Harmful to your health and strictly prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years. Enjoy Responsibly


Riverside Lane, Off Riverside Drive
For Orders Call or WhatsApp
12Noon – 5:30PM
Tues to Sun

Available on Jumia and Uber Eats

How to Get There


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