This Navratri Adorn Something Traditionally Ornate With Pakeezah Jewellers

The Latest Navratri Jewellery Trends in 2022 by Pakeezah Jewellers

Navratri is one of the most important festivals in Hindu communities worldwide, lasting a total of nine nights and ten days (nava literally meaning nine, and ratri meaning nights). Dedicated to and celebrating the Goddess Durga for winning a fierce battle against evil, every Hindu pays homage during this special time of the year. The joyous festivities, although may slightly differ from one community to another, one thing remains certain – everyone looks forward to it – and to the many golden opportunities to get all dressed-up in your finest outfits, and adorn the finest traditional Indian jewellery to match. Popular daily activities including the customary Garba and Dandiya Raas devotional dances, are just some of the many must-attend gatherings and highlights during this spectacular festival. Whatever ways you choose to celebrate yours, we guarantee you’ll look absolutely stunning in these traditionally ornate pieces of Indian jewellery, specifically designed to elevate your different looks and liveries throughout Navratri. Whether for yourself or for your loved ones, when looking for the perfect gifts or accessories, look no further. Visit this amazing artisanal jewellers at Stellato Mall, First Floor, Muthithi Rd., Nairobi, Kenya or simply call +254 733 768 440 / +254 710 205 265 for all jewellery enquiries, viewings and custom-made consultations.

When it comes to unique and one-of-a-kind, or having something custom-created for you (an extremely popular service here at Pakeezah), you can be rest assured only the purest of materials including gold, white gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones are used. Pakeezah Jewellers not only excels in sourcing the very best raw materials from certified mines all over the world, but more importantly constantly keeps abreast with all the latest in international jewellery trends, and uses this and their time-honoured expertise and skills – to create wonderfully ornate masterpieces that stand the test of time. Here is just some of what they showcased to us for Navratri this year.

Glittering 22k Gold Statement Pieces For Women Are The Way to Go

Navratri is an opportune occasion to show your sense of style, glamour and taste when it comes to Indian jewellery, and as re-iterated by the experts at Pakeezah, for women this year its all about the opulent, refined and ornate look with glittering 22carat gold. We begin this section by taking a look at some of these fabulous jewellery sets

81.25g 22carat Gold Maa Laxmi Chain & Earring Set

These sets are sure to look mesmerizing as you rhythmically dance in unison with your dandiya’s

31.4g 22carat Gold Chain & Earring Set

When it comes to gold jewellery for women at Pakeezah, the options are certainly endless

66.71g 22carat Gold Chain & Earring Set

If you’re not one for too much colour, but still love the patterns and intricacy of fine traditional Indian jewellery, then be sure to look out for amazing Pakeezah ensembles like this 22carat 29.05g Gold Necklace & Earring Set

Their amazing Mangalsutra style chains are simply a perfect gift to your wife, or wife to be.

22carat Gold 20.35g Mangal Sutra Chain & 21.41g Pendant Set

What’s Navratri without a few more 22carat gold bangles to jangle around your wrists

22carat Gold 18.82g (37.64g) Bangle Set
22carat Gold 28g (54g) Bangle Set

Accessorize with these opulent 22carat Gold Rings around your fingers

22carat 8.4g Gold Ring
22carat 7.93g Gold Ring

It’s About Ornate, Beautiful & Symbolic For Men This Navratri

In this years Men’s Navratri Jewellery Selections each skilfully designed piece tells a story. Whether going for something more cultural and traditional, or something more elegant, bold, unique and full of character, what you’ll find at Pakeezah is a perfect blend of pure artistry and symbolism all intertwined. Check-out these iconic pieces below

Men’s 22carat Gold Bracelet (31.89g)
22carat 27g Gold Kada Design Bracelet
22carat 7.7g Gold Om Design Ring
22carat 7.7g Gold Eagle Ring
22carat 7.01g Men’s Custom-Designed Gold Ring

Traditional Silver Jewellery, Ornaments & Trinkets By Pakeezah

If gold is not so much your cup of tea, but you’re still looking to step-out in something timeless and classic to accentuate those Indian outfits, or are searching for the ideal presents to gift your loved ones this season, look no further. These silver jewellery pieces, ornaments & trinkets hit all the right notes, and are sure to be a major hit this Navratri

Women’s 27.4g Pure Silver Traditional Jhumki Earrings
Men’s 7.45g Pure Silver Om Ring
Men’s 4.95g Pure Silver Om Ring

The significance and power of the Tulsi as the holiest plant, and its daily role in the rites and rituals practiced throughout Hinduism, makes these collectors pieces the perfect gift on the occasion of Navratri.

Jewelled 28.9g Pure Silver Tulsi Plant

These gorgeous silver Diya’s are a great when carrying out special ceremonies this Navratri, and for use in daily morning and evening rituals

10.05g Pure Silver Diya’s

Here are some more silver gifts ideas & inspirations this Navratri

9.05g Pure Silver Cow
3.42g Pure Silver Mata Murti

  Here are some more pendants, rings and ornaments you can keep a look-out for when visiting Pakeezah

For All Your Jewellery Needs This Navratri & Beyond, Look No Further Than The Very Best


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