The Two Rivers Mall Gives You a Reason to Celebrate Everyday!

2020, the start of a new decade felt like a whole new beginning for a lot of us. We made plans to try something new or be a better version of ourselves or maybe make a complete 360. But like the saying goes man plans, God laughs. It has felt like we have been stuck in limbo for so long not knowing what the next step is or if there is an end to the new normal that we have had to get used to.


We are now in the last quarter of the year and what is to say that we cannot make it the best part of 2020. If anything, COVID 19 has taught us to appreciate the little things. A breath of fresh air, hugging your loved ones, shaking a colleague’s hand, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, bonding with your family, going to party with your friends, practicing self-care and so much more.



It is time to celebrate and enjoy the things we may have taken for granted. Each day is a special occasion and why not celebrate it at Two Rivers Mall. Indulge in that delicious meal with a killer Riverfront view, be spoiled for choice with over 150 stores to choose from or visit the largest entertainment theme park in Kenya and enjoy a fun filled time out.



When you visit Two Rivers Mall remember this: Feel Safe. Shop Happy. Go Play


The new normal has meant that we adopt new practices and perhaps re-learn common practices. As you arrive at the mall, you notice that these precautions have been implemented at every point. Zero contact security check policy, temperature checks at the entrances, customers and security guards donning masks, sanitization points around the mall, deep cleaning of all hard surfaces and educational posters at key points.



A fun fact you may not know is that Two Rivers Mall is the only open-air mall in Kenya. This means that fresh air is constantly circulating within the mall and even better their expansive walkways allow for you to comfortably walk around without the fear of bumping into somebody. Ain’t that neat!



When shopping at the largest mall in East and Central Africa you will be spoiled for choice. With over 150 stores you get the best in fashion, beauty, health, and fitness, electronics and home and living. Two Rivers Mall is constantly bringing more variety and choice to its customers with the recent opening of two stores. Decathlon, the largest sports mega store with over 70 sports under one roof is now open. Ballet, boxing, football, basketball you name it they got it. Visit them on first floor today. For the fashion lovers Shop Zetu and Vivo pop up store opened on ground floor, you get the best in Kenyan made outfits that will have you looking and feeling great. Really…you will shop happy when you are at Two Rivers Mall.



Food is the language of love and when you get to enjoy it with an amazing view that is a plus. Enjoy your favorite meals at the largest outdoor food court in Kenya. With over 15 different restaurants to choose from you will get to tantalize your taste buds with cuisines from around the world. Take out your special someone or make it a friend and family outing, we know we are all a little tired of having to cook meals every day so why not treat yourself. In case you are a little late to the party, Tomoca has officially opened at Two Rivers Mall and offers the best in Ethiopian Arabica Coffee and is certainly a must try. The décor is stunning with so many insta-worthy shots because we know you love to snap a pic or two. Be sure to check them out and all the other restaurants.



If there is one rule you should follow is that life is supposed to be fun. You are never too old to play. Two Rivers Mall boasts the largest outdoor theme park in the country! What are you waiting for? Visit them and enjoy some thrilling rides and the fan favorite the Eye of Kenya which will give you a panoramic view of Nairobi. After being indoors for so long it would not hurt to see the beauty this city holds. That is not all they have to offer, MadMax Karting recently opened and no matter how old you are you can get on the track and feel that rush of racing your friends or family and having the title of MVP if you beat them.


If you want a laid-back entertainment spot, then Tactical Sports is the place to be. Enjoy fun board games that will take you down memory lane or get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling paintballing war. If you and the boys just want to relax and catch up, then target shooting and pool would be the plan. Gamers have certainly not been left behind with the opening of the new gaming lounge G-Republik where you get to enjoy your favorite PlayStation4 games at just 200 bob an hour.


Let us make the last three months of 2020 the most memorable and #ExperienceTwoRiversAgain


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