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The Social House, based in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, opened its doors to guests in January 2020, promptly had to close them again in March, partially opened again in ApriI and finally became fully operational in May.


Unusually, the brand positioning is centered around local guests, rather than overseas visitors, with the former acting as a magnet for the latter: a place that has a local rhythm and soul created with adventurous, entrepreneurial, curious, playful Nairobians in mind. Instead of walking into an attractive, but often anesthetic lobby we wanted travelers to enter and be part of a vibrant slice of Kenyan life (and to evoke Kenyans’ natural joie de vivre).


Centered around the notion of Nairobi’s Own melting Pot the character of the brand is playful, whimsical and off-beat, but at the same time authentic and unpretentious. We were never aiming to craft something faddish.


The centerpiece of the logo mark is a blue exclamation mark, which expresses three key elements of what the brand is all about: surprise, Light-heartedness and vibrancy.



When placed inside the name, we Iiked the idea of the exclamation mark being off-centre: another reflection of the brand’s positioning relative to other more mainstream Nairobi hotels.


The Iack of capital letters is intended to evoke a less formal flavor.


Clothed in this refreshingly uncommon clothing The Social House has been Nairobi’s Number 1 performing hotel since the beginning of 2020, with each of its four outlets (Copper: a French- inspired Brasserie. Inca: A Peruvian rooftop bar. The Living Room: A 24-hour coffee-roaster café. The Other Room: indoor/ outdoor farm to table dining) having been fully booked from Wednesdays through to Sundays for the last three months.



The flavor that the spaces evoke is very much as our Visual Identity conveys: playful, vibrant, surprising and convivial.


Our 83 Bedrooms are all simple, Stylish and Smart, so nothing gets in the way of whatever it is you have in mind.

All our 83 Bedrooms have:

HOTEZA interactive TV, temperature control, lighting, wake-up calls and a wide range of movies, TV and music content.


Smartphone Bedroom access (‘Smartphone Key’)

The Social House Smartphone App for interaction with staff, bookings and information

In-house freshly-roasted Kenyan AA coffee, with French Press

Sustainable Kenyan bathroom products

Bedroom Offers

  • Get a Bedroom at The Social House for Kshs. 10,000 only. Flexible check-out subject to availability. Pimp my fridge on request.
  • Having a Birthday? Anniversary? Baby shower? A proposal? A promotion? Or just celebrating you? Enjoy a 15% Off on our best available rate

Bed & Breakfast, Late checkout,


For your reservations, call us on 0791398845



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