The Rainbow Diet

Eating health is colourful, not complicated.


Taste the Rainbow! EAT THE RAINBOW!


The rainbow diet is probably one of the ‘more fun’ diets out there. This is a holistic approach to radiant health, and has rules that are as simple as possible:

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Eat as many colours as possible


This means that you are simply adding more fruits and vegetables of different colours onto your plate.


This is a very simple diet and health hack, but how exactly does it benefit you?


In having different colours on your plate, you are getting different properties that are unique to that colour. In summary;


  • The natural colours found in fruits and vegetables are the result of pigmented compounds called flavonoids.
  • Each unique flavonoid provides its own anti-oxidative and immune-supporting actions. People who eat at least six servings of high-antioxidant vegetables daily have decreased oxidative damage to their cells.
  • By eating a wide variety of colourful fruits and vegetables, you are consuming a full spectrum of anti-oxidative flavonoids.
  • This is also a great and effective way to boost your immunity this cold season!


In addition to flavonoids, fruits and vegetables contain important immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals. These include zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D, sterols, and carotene’s such as vitamin A and lycopene.


Therefore, just by simple eating more colours; red, green, purple, yellow and blue, your body will be healthier too!


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