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Flowers have always been an inspiration to jewellery designers and an integral part of jewellery design for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. From an almost unending kaleidoscope of enchanting colours that can be used, to the intricate design of layers, petals and leaves where the true creativity & ingenuity of skilled jewellery artisans really shine, to glorious embellishments with sparkling diamonds, jewels and much more – this is not only a growing trend within fashion this season, but also one that truly never goes out of style. The use of flowers in artistry and therefore in jewellery making (whether followed by jewellery designers or not), have much deeper meanings and symbolisms. For example a sunflower represents adoration, the lotus strength or rebirth, daisies are about purity or innocence, tulips are a declaration of love, and violets represent devotion or loyalty. With all this in mind it may be quite challenging to go it alone, whether looking for a gift someone or something for yourself. But that’s not the case when you step-into Pakeezah at Stellato Mall, First Floor, Muthithi Rd., Nairobi, Kenya. What awaits is an expert consultation, where the teams at the showroom will not only custom-make your vision and bring it into reality (a very popular bespoke service here), or help you zero-in on what you’re searching for in an almost endless sea of beautiful pieces and sets, but you can also be rest assured they will also advise and help you choose something that will hold true value for years to come. For all your jewellery enquiries, viewings and bespoke jewellery consultations dial +254 733 768 440 / +254 710 205 265

Whether you have your heart set on a classic and timeless look, something traditional and opulent, or something a little more trendy, up-to-date and chic, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for only at Pakeezah Jewellers.

Let’s Start Off with 22K Gold

As we were lead through the store by the manager, as has almost become a custom when highlighting the various jewellery pieces we showcase to you every week, each Pakeezah team member behind the counters placed before them something exemplary they had to offer in floral design. This time we kicked things off with 22K Gold, with this amazing floral earring & pendant set.

22carat Gold Floral Set – 6.15g Earrings, 9.3g Pendant

Next onto these spectacularly artistic, colourful and intricately designed 22k gold earring and necklace sets, that are sure to enhance and accentuate the look of any outfit, and give a different dimension to your jewellery collections too.

22carat Gold Floral Earring & Necklace Set – 26.63g
22carat Gold Floral Earring & Necklace Set – 24.78g
22carat Gold Floral Earring & Necklace Set – 55.4g

Looking for something that is a little more chunky in design, but still retains an opulent, timeless, traditional and classic look – then check-out this Green & Gold Floral Earring and Pendant Set that is sure to make a statement whatever the occasion.

22carat Gold & Green Floral Earrings (9.76g) & Pendant (10.47g) Set

Specialists in all types of high quality base materials for jewellery, Pakeezah showcases the magical combination of Rhodium and 22carat Gold in these pieces

22carat Gold & Rhodium Pendant (7.45g) & Earrings (8.45g) Set
22carat Gold & Rhodium Bracelet – 15.6g

Wrap your fingers in a gorgeous 22carat Gold Floral Pakeezah Design Ring

22carat Gold Floral Ring – 6.55g
22carat Gold Floral Ring – 6.05g
22carat Gold Floral Ring – 5.5g

Pure Silver With Sparkling Jewels Are Making A Come-Back

There is just something clean-cut, elegant and sophisticated, whatever time period the jewellery design draws inspiration from, when you combine Pure Silver and Diamonds – and Pakeezah most definitely takes this to whole new levels with these unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Pure Silver Earrings – 5.35g, Pendant – 5.2g and Ring 2.65g Set

This Stunning 4 Piece Pure Silver Set with American Diamonds and Pearls complete with Earrings, Pendant and Ring – makes for a perfect gift, to that special someone on a special occasion.

Pure Silver Earrings – 3g, Pendant – 2.75g and Ring 2.45g Set

Floral 18k Rose Gold Bracelets

Here is just some of what you would find in their must-have 18carat Floral Rose Gold Bracelets Collection, that are sure to pique your interest, and all the onlookers around you.

18carat Rose Gold Pink & Green Bracelet – 10.15g
18carat Rose Gold Bracelet – 8.15g
18carat Rose Gold Bracelet – 9.25g

If you’re not looking splurge, but still searching for something contemporary, here are some more

3.85g Rose Gold Bracelet
1.5g Rose Gold Bracelet

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