The Phase Mask, Handmade in Kenya

The Phase Mask by Atri and Sabri Jasani



The Phase mask was an idea inspired during the challenging times of Covid-19, in an attempt to style up our newest wardrobe essential, masks! As two young girls, the thought of wearing medical masks that associate with a visit to the doctor or dentist just seemed like a clinical, monotonous everyday look. However, understanding the severity of the situation, we were keen to incorporate style and flare into this essential protective gear.

Phase offers a range of styles, from stand-out to simplistic, corporate to leisurely, velvet to satin to cotton, for children and a new color for every day. Our aim is to accommodate and celebrate our diverse personalities and backgrounds and to make wearing a mask a pleasure rather than an obligation.

We believe that this is a venture that will, in our own little way, be an attempt at turning these difficult times into an opportunity to create, unite, and stay safe, fashionably!



All our Masks are Hand Stitched by local talent in Kenya. In our small way, with the inception of Phase, we were able to create employment during difficult times when more people were being fired then hired!

We have tried to source the best fabrics considering the limitations during these times. All the masks have a 100% cotton lining with the top fabric ranging from cottons to Satin to Denim to Velvet. The masks are three ply with a water & Dust proof filter middle layer which is 100% non-woven Virgin PPE.

All our Masks are washable and reusable. You will find amazing intricate beadwork done on some of our masks, this has been done by hand by our talented Masai women who pride themselves for this inherited talent which is passed down from generation to generation.
We hope that you will enjoy using PHASE MASKS


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