The New Rozina Restaurant At The Heart Of Westlands

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People can cook in their homes that is an undisputed fact but getting a dining experience worth remembering is a different thing altogether. You do not go to a restaurant just to eat but also for an experience. Rozina’s Restaurant has a proven track record of providing its clientele the authentic taste of seafood and Swahili cuisine flavours. With over 35 years in their back pocket, they have now set up shop in Nairobi’s Westlands area. 

Rozina’s is bringing you that coastal effect in a fine dining set up. They have harnessed their craft and they know what was missing in that scene. The flavour of their food is unique to Rozina’s, you are assured that you will not get that taste elsewhere. Their service is based on the coastal culture, they are very hands-on. You get the feeling that you are dining at home and that you are part of the business because they are invested in you. 

If seafood is what tickles your fancy then you will not be disappointed. A taste of their Lobster tikka is the very definition of heaven on a plate. The Lobster tikka is one of their signature dishes. You are guaranteed fresh seafood every day you visit the restaurant; it is sourced from Mombasa.

They have an event space that has a sitting capacity of 50-80 people. This is the ideal place for your parties, functions, and meetings. All the dishes on the menu can be delivered straight to your doorstep so that you do not miss out on Rozina’s flavour. This is an ideal place to have business lunch, it provides you with a serene environment for your meals. They have a sports bar; drinks are served with food only. Your glass of wine can only be served with a plate of food.

Be ready to experience food joy at Rozina’s Restaurant.

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