The Matrix Resurrection Now Showing In All Cinemas Across East Africa

The Matrix Resurrection Coming To All Cinemas Across East Africa On The 22nd December

The Matrix Resurrection Was Released in Cinemas Across East Africa on 22nd December

The Matrix Resurrection  – Plagued by strange memories, Neo’s life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself back inside the Matrix. 


The Matrix Resurrections | US Premiere

Watch the filmmaker and cast of The Matrix Resurrections celebrate the US Premiere in San Francisco.

Below are some of the cinemas that will be showing The Matrix Resurrection across East Africa include:

  • Anga Sky Cinema (Nairobi)
  • Anga Diamond Plaza (Nairobi)
  • Century Cinemas Junction (Nairobi)
  • Century Cinemas Sarit Centre (Nairobi)
  • Century IMAX Garden City (Nairobi)
  • Mega Cinema Kisumu
  • Motions Cinema (Nairobi)
  • Nyali Cinemax (Mombasa)
  • Prestige Cinema (Nairobi)
  • Rupa Cinema (Eldoret)
  • Westgate Cinema (Nairobi)
  • Century Cinemax Mlimani City (Dar-Es-Salem)
  • Century Cinemax DFM Mall (Dar-Es-Salem)
  • Century Cinemax Aura Mall (Dar-Es-Salem)
  • Regalz Njiro Complex (Arusha)
  • Regalz Cinema (Arusha)
  • Misterious Sinematix – Rock City Mall (Mwanza
  • Misterious Sinematix (Dodoma)
  • Regalz City Cinema (Dar-Es-Salem)
  • Ster Kinekor Manda Hill (Lusaka)
  • NuMetro Arcades (Lusaka)
  • Canal Olympia Rebero (Kigali)


Last week we ran some Trivia Question For THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS, Here are some more for you to test

1) What form of martial arts is not performed in the series?

a) Kung Fu
b) Karate
c) Judo
d) Jujitsu

2) The Matrix Resurrections was filmed over how many days?
a) 90
b) 105
c) 118
d) 120

3) Where was The Matrix Resurrection filmed?
a) Los Angeles, Califonia & Berlin, Germany
b) London, UK
c) San Franciso, Califonia & Potsdam, Germany
d) Vancouver, Canada

4) How are the directors of the Matrix franchise, The Wachowskis related
a) Twins
b) Cousins
c) Spouses
d) Siblings

5) In the Matrix(1999), what colours are the 2 pills Morpheus offers Neo, and which colour does Neo choose?
a) Green & Blue
b) Purple & White
c) Red & Blue and Neo takes the Red
d) Orange & Black

6) True or False: When filming the scene where his character escapes from his office in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves used a stuntman to climb out the window

7) In the mythology of the franchise, who created the Matrix
a) The Oracle
b) Neo
c) Agent Smith
d) The Architect

8) True or False: The Matric(1999) won all four of the Academy Awards it was nominated for.

9) True or False: The Matrix is also a comic book series.

10) What colour tint did cinematography Bill Pope use to signify the difference between life in the real world and life in ‘The Matrix’?


Here Are The Answers To The Above Trivia:

1) Karate
2) 118
3) San Franciso, California & Potsdam, Germany
4) Siblings
5) Red & Blue and Neo takes the Red
6) False. Keanu Reeves did the stunt himself
7) The Architect
8) True
9) True
10) Green

The Matrix Resurrection Coming To All Cinemas Across East Africa On The 22nd December

The Matrix Resurrection Coming To All Cinemas Across East Africa On The 22nd December

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