The Mara Triangle Needs Your Support with Wildlife Enthusiast’ Hardik Shiva Vyas

The effect of Covid-19 is having a worldwide impact on conservation, and the Mara Triangle is facing the gravest crisis in its 72-year history as a protected area.


Without paying visitors, they will run out of funds within months and THEY NEED YOUR HELP to protect the reserve and support the local communities whose livelihoods depend on its survival.


For nineteen years the Mara Conservancy has been able to manage the Mara Triangle with its share of Park fees and without any substantial donor support.


*Video and Content Credit: Mara Triangle and Jonathan & Angela Scott

“Humans of Earth, It is my humble request for all of us to please help in preserving this paradise and help fund the anti poaching units to ensure the protection of the wildlife from poachers and ensure sustainable conservation of the entire ecosystem of the Maasai Mara Triangle. Let’s play our part and support the great work the Guardians of the Mara are doing, as they need our support more than ever. Make a DONATION Today!”



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As guardians of the Mara, they need to continue to ensure that the environment and wildlife are adequately cared for and protected. 


Also remember once travel resumes to the Maasai Mara you can continue to support the Mara Triangle by booking and staying at the following Safari Lodges and Camps


Little Governors Camp
Mara Serena Lodge
Angama Mara
Bateleur Camp
Kichwa Tembo Camp
Kilima Camp
Mara Engai
Mara Siria
Mara Sun Lodge
Mara West
Mpata Safari Club
Sanctuary Olonana


God Bless the Mara, God Bless Kenya, God Bless Africa,


Hardik Shiva Vyas

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