The Integral Part Of The One Stop Team

The Man Behind The Success

He goes by the name Martin Shikuku. Our suppliers and all of us at One Stop call him simply Shikuku, some of his peers refer to him as Omwami, which is sheng means LEADER.

Shikuku came to One Stop as a young man in his early 20’s and started off as a general worker, doing all sorts of jobs and tasks given to him. He moved up and became an expert in frying the delicious crisps etc. that we have all come to enjoy and love. 

Soon after I joined One Stop he was one of the few who showed me the ropes and has always been happy to share his knowledge and ideas with me over the years, he expressed interest in studying, and thus enrolled at Utalii College and completed a diploma course. He last year GRADUATED from St Paul’s University. And we are very PROUD OF HIM. 

Over the last 5 years or so, he has started playing a very big role in the Company and is now in charge of a lot of raw material purchases; one of his favorite is visiting farmers, vetting them and testing their produce. He is now in charge of all the production at One Stop. He also assists me with all staff matters. 

There is NOTHING THAT SHIKUKU CAN NOT DO! He will happily try and repair a machine, he will take over and act as customer rep if need arises, he will jump onto a lorry and off load sacks of potatoes, he will go to deliver goods and so much more. 

The one thing that both Shikuku and My Mumma have taught me over my years at One Stop is that there is NO JOB TOO SMALL, IF IT HAS TO BE DONE, LETS DO IT.


I am grateful to have such teachers in my life. 

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