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Moja Tuu Luxury Villa And Nature Retreat

To be at one with nature is a feeling that can be replicated in environments that celebrate it. Moja Tuu is ‘the only one’ that combines leisure and serenity. All the villas and rooms in this establishment are extremely spacious, and you can get up to four ensuite bedrooms. The interiors in the cabana-styled rooms showcase the local Zanzibar craftsmanship with subtle luxury.

You will be in awe of the views; experience fishermen drift by in their dhows or the nature reserve where the fruit ripens amongst breathtaking greenery. If you are looking for seclusion then Moja Tuu will help you achieve that. They o­er a variety when it comes to your culinary experiences. They o­er both international and local cuisine with local produce, filled with Zanzibar’s famous spices.

Their Chefs sourced organic ingredients from the Island and this aligns with their sustainable values. The establishment has a garden which provides them with spices and fresh herbs for their kitchen.

Take a tour of the spice island, dive or snorkel in the ocean, take a fishing expedition on a dhow, discover villages in the area on a bicycle or enjoy the wildlife.


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