The Benefits of Living in a Planned Community with Kijani Ridge, TATU City

The benefits of living in a planned community with Kijani Ridge, TATU City

Unlike our traditional neighborhoods, a master planned community is well thought out even before the first shovel hits the ground.  Living in such communities comes with benefits that outweigh the physical aesthetic aspect. Kijani Ridge is Tatu City’s flagship master planned residential community and the following are perks of living in it:

  • Everything is within a walking distance. Convenience stores, restaurant, coffee shop, gym, play areas for children, club house, schools, running track designed by Lornah Kiplagat and more are just minutes away from your doorstep. We have all these included in our masterplan and are conveniently available to our residents.
  • Private utility operator, Tatu Connect, ensures provision of quality utilities including power, water, sewer and telecom. We use smart meters for water and power that allow residents to monitor their consumption in real time.
  • Future proofing of the land by strict adherence to development controls monitored by the Development Control Company. They work diligently to ensure that land use and building regulations are meticulously followed. You can be rest assured that your property will keep appreciating in value as a result.
  • Live in a community of like- minded neighbors. At Kijani Ridge, you will meet a community of people with whom you can network and form quality relationships for the future.
  • Architectural integrity is conserved. All house designs for Kijani Ridge are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they match our guidelines. We also inspect ongoing constructions to ensure that quality workmanship is upheld.
  • Resident issues are addressed in a timely manner. Our customer service team at Tatu Connect is just a call away. Our average response time is one hour and the hotline number, 0700 548 246, is available 24/7. We also provide emergency services 24/7 with a response time of 3 minutes.
  • We have our own Property Owners Association (PPOA) which is live and vibrant. The PPOA ensures all residents have a say in the management of services etc. in Kijani and you will get to make crucial decisions about your neighborhood in the company of like- minded people.
  • It’s a VAT free zone so you will get better deals for construction materials and the overall cost of achieving your dream home will be cheaper at Kijani.

To become part of this amazing community, reach us through or +254 708 555 555 and we will give you more details.


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