The Beach House Zanzibar Reopens, The Epitome Of Sophistication And Luxury

Beach House Zanzibar

Experience The Tranquility And Charm At The Alluring Beach House Zanzibar


The Beach House is multicultural, family and a lifestyle with an unmatched ambiance, to amazing views overlooking the ocean’s first line and has redefined the beauty of the island. The Beach House Zanzibar located in Stone Town is an upscale era of sensory pleasure and have reopened with following all necessary hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of their guests and staff 



Dining at Beach house Restaurant is an experience in itself, with the overlooking view of the Ocean. Taste new flavors and transport yourself through ages with an incomparable gastronomic experience in the beautiful setting with the irresistible views overlooking the beach. Beach House uses spices from around the Island to create their Mediterranean fusion menu. The menu is based on the spice route that came through Zanzibar and showcase the influences that made Zanzibar’ Omani, Indian, Portuguese and British.


Unwind with friends over specially designed cocktails, to party music by our resident DJ and an amazing nightlife experience at the Beach House. Offering you the best variety of Gin & Tonic cocktails, each one perfectly combined with the spices of the island for flavorful tastes. They have the only Gin and tonic bar on the island with over 20 types of gins. The Beach House collaborates with the local spice farmers and use spices from around the island to create their signature gin and tonics.


Facing the ocean and overlooking the local beach, relax in the sun and experience pure bliss as you watch the sun set.


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