The Art of Seating by Panesar

The Art of Seating by Panesar’s

The Art of Seating by Panesar

From the provocative Louis XV to the timeless Victorian, Panesar is widely-known for creating truly wondrous elegant and luxurious bespoke seating that not only exudes both sophistication and charm, but most importantly are built to be functional and comfortable too. If you’re looking to introduce a touch of glamour and ‘infuse your own character & style’ into virtually any ideal spatial area, whether it be in your living rooms, on your patios, out in the garden, to matching pieces for your dining tables, or even within your offices – look no further. Welcome to the Art of Seating, Welcome to Panesar’s Kenya.




The Art of Seating by Panesar’s

The Art of Seating by Panesar’s


With over 70 years of indelible experience in expert woodwork, ironwork and upholstery, Panesar’s ability to beautifully create and curate unique pieces as per each customer’s requirements simply goes unmatched. A steadfast team at the helm of the company with a passion for the latest in international furniture design trends, also means you can expect inspirations drawn from different cultures, styles and traditions from around the globe – with everything from Spanish ‘Art Deco’, to Ultra-Minimalistic ‘Scandinavian’ models, to ‘New Age African’ Designs and so much more.



Their complete turn-key solution for clientele, from the design process that incorporates state-of-the-art simulation software’s, the combination of world-class machinery, and highly-experienced master craftsmen specializing in a myriad of artistic crafts & disciplines – is indeed what makes your dream pieces a reality at Panesar



The Art of Seating by Panesar’s
High-Quality Sustainable Woods Sourced From Around the World


The Production Floor


The Production Process


Panesar’s Skilled Artisans at Work


Panesar’s drying kiln is one of the largest in East and Central Africa, which allows for their high-quality sustainably sourced woods to dry under the most precise of conditions, ensuring both durability & longevity. Each customized wood piece is also articulately sanded & polished by hand by their highly-skilled artisans under the closeful eye of their production managers to ensure a truly refined finish.



When it comes to cushioning you can be rest assured only the finest quality materials are used for padding, springs and webbing, and each installed with ultimate comfort, ergonomics and functionality in mind. For fabrics clients are walked through a specialized, exclusive and unique selection, where Panesar’s upholstery designers recommend and help you determine exactly what you’re looking for.




The Art of Seating by Panesar’s



Sofas / Couches


The Art of Seating by Panesar’s
The Ms Sofa


Modern & Comfortable


Armchairs & Wing Chairs

The Jafar
The Art of Seating by Panesar’s
The Khadija
The Louis I



The B6b Carved
The Ambassador


Unique Pieces

The Valencia


The Art of Seating by Panesar’s


The Valentino


Be sure to visit their showroom to see what they have in store, and where their teams will be more than happy to help you seek inspiration with a tour of their workshop while conceptualizing and creating a perfect custom piece just for you.


Panesar Center, Mombasa Road, Nairobi
+254 708 555 999

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