Swara Ranch Apartments In a Country Resort a Development by Maiyan

Swara Ranch Apartments In a Country Resort

Swara Ranch Country Apartments Investment Packages by Maiyan Holdings

As part of the residential mix within Swara ranch is the modern country apartment. The apartments comprise a mix of studio, loft, 1 and 2 bedroom housing units.


Studio Apartment

Swara Ranch Apartments In a Country Resort


The loft apartmentsSwara Ranch Apartments In a Country Resort

1 Bedroom apartment

Swara ranch 1 bedroom apartment


2 bedroom apartment

 2 bedroom apartments

• Proposed start date – 21st August 2021
• Proposed completion date – March 2022

There are limited apartments available for sale
within village court 4 of Swara. Swara village 4 is on
7.7acres and is made up of 15 blocks of modern
country apartments surrounded by green spaces
and parks with lush scenery and unmatched views
of the Lolldaiga Hills and Mount Kenya.

The built-up area within village 4 is only 12% of
the total area with the rest of the area set aside
for private gardens, shared green areas and

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