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Mr Alexander Zissimatos, General Manager at Planhotel Malindi Resorts tells us about the holidaybonds.



We have decided to launch this initiative as we feel it is important to participate in supporting the
industry that we have been part of over the past 40 years in any way we can. We all understand now
is the time to stay home and stay safe, however, here in our Malindi resorts we look to the future
and beyond the Corona virus which is very important to our staff and the whole community of local
tourism. Many families have been affected severely by the lockdown and we hope that by issuing
holiday bonds we can keep a sense of continuity and recovery from the crisis.


What is a holidaybond?

The Holiday bonds are effectively a holiday purchase for future use for the next 2 years until June 2022, one bond is the value of 1 night’s accommodation for 2 people on All incisive. This is with all meals, drinks, use of all-inclusive facilities and services at any of our 3 resorts. You are purchasing a holiday at about 50% off the usual rates for a very limited time until the 15th of June 2020 or once the bonds have finished!

They can be used by yourself, or as a gift to someone else. If you decide not to use them you can sell them. There are no booking dates required, as we know it’s not easy to commit to dates right now. You use them when it is convenient for you, any time right up until June 2022! Excluding Christmas season. Just think you are getting an overnight stay at

Sandies Tropical Village 9,500 shillings for 2 people sharing in All inclusive
Sandies Malindi Dream Garden 11,000 shillings for 2 people sharing in All inclusive
Diamonds Dream of Africa for 15,000 shillings for 2 people sharing in All inclusive

For more information and enquiries please contact or call +254 (0)715 909 979


Why should anyone buy it?

As I mentioned before this is a special offer that no one will have the chance of getting after we close on 15th of June or the bonds have sold out. Think of it as investing in your mental health and wellbeing post the Corona period. We all know the challenges everyone is facing financially with the stress and worry so let us offer you something to look forward to, refresh, relax on the coast with no risk and the very best value for money!

Tell us a bit about your hotels?

The 3 beautiful Resorts are only a 15-minute drive from Malindi airport. Hop off the plane and you are in paradise. It’s the most convenient location on the coast. We have 2 Sandies properties with the philosophy of family, friends and fun and the peaceful and relaxing Diamonds Dream of Africa for those who want to unwind in style. The resorts offer 4 swimming pools, a wonderful spa and a variety of bars & restaurants. Our experienced team cater to both holiday and business travelers offering personalized service in the perfect seafront location.

How could the hotels make a positive impact?

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do, from our organic gardens to “no” to plastic, we are working as best as we can to lower environmental impacts. We support and participate in Malindi green and blue initiatives of cleaning the towns and beaches, KWS clean up programs, local community support programs, and helping the local children’s home.

The hotels already make a positive impact being the largest facility in Malindi. We have up to and over 150 staff depending on the season. The families of our employees are greatly affected as are the rest of the 1.5million people in Kenya who survive off tourism directly and 15 million people at risk indirectly due to COVID 19. 20% of the national GDP is reliant on this industry. As management we have to not only look after our customers in times of crises but create as many employment opportunities as possible and rebuild the future in tourism and everyone who is affected by it.

Who benefits?

Everyone, you as the customer, our staff and their families who are supported by employment, local
businesses who supply goods to the hotels and ourselves keeping the business running. It is a win
win for everyone.

What happens if I don’t use it?

Don’t use it personally? no problem, there is 2 years validity so plenty of time to plan. You can give the bond as a gift to family or friends, sell it. Change it to someone else. The flexibility is there for all situations.

What type of people stay at your hotels?

We don’t have types of people, we have valued customers from all walks of life, race, religion and nationality. No matter who you are we take great care of you. What’s the best thing about the hotels? Our people and quality that you expect from an organization like ours. The setup of the 3 hotels is unique and offers such a wide range of services, facilities and atmosphere. It makes it so easy for us to cater to all individual guest preferences.


What’s the best thing about the hotels?

Our people and quality that you expect from an organization like ours. The setup of the 3 hotels is unique and offers such a wide range of services, facilities and atmosphere. It makes it so easy for us to cater to all individual guest preferences.


What impact has the Corona virus made on your hotels?

All hotels are impacted, and like 95% of the industry we have to take action and close to limit any spread of risk to our staff and customers of COVID19, so this has been very hard on everyone in every walk of life no matter the industry.

What’s the outlook for the hotel industry?

I won’t lie, it will be tough for everyone in the next 6 months, but our industry is resilient and it’s not the first problem we have had in Kenya. After 2008 everyone said the industry was finished, then again in 2013 after the terror attacks everyone said the same. Tourism has always revered, hotels have always recovered. We as an industry have utmost determination, forward thinking, With the resilience and ingenuity of Kenyan people, we cannot fail.

Do you have procedures to ensure Coronavirus won’t be contracted within your hotels when
you open? Can you tell us about them?

We have started training our staff as per WHO hotel standards for reopening and maintaining post corona. We are preparing and investing in hand sanitizers in all areas, updated cleaning schedules and following local and international regulations and guidelines. For example, we are introducing a 24 hour vacated room turnaround program, so after the last guest has stayed no one, including our staff will enter the room for 24 hours. After this we will conduct full deep cleaning and disinfection, then no one will enter the room, until the next guest enters themselves. This is one of the extra steps we are taking post corona. Furthermore food & Beverage programs are being developed to ensure distancing between tables with dedicated service. Expect the highest cleanliness and safety standards when you are here.

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