Spooky Season is Finally Here!

Halloween is around the corner, the holiday you get to be someone else even just for one night. This day is celebrated in so many ways around the world. The signature jack-o-lantern from the carved-out pumpkin that is placed on a porch and décor all over a house, some neighborhoods even have competitions to see whose house is the scariest. The cool costume party you hope you are invited to, and if we go by recent years pop culture heavily influences the costumes. Pretty sure you will see a lot of Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic…yes, they are some of the most searched for costumes. Of course, you cannot forget the longest standing tradition, trick-or-treating, kids running down the streets collecting candy in their adorable costumes.


Here at home, we do things a little differently. We may not have the jack-o-lanterns at our doors or have trick or treating but those are certainly not the only ways to celebrate this holiday. In true Kenyan fashion, all holidays are a great excuse to throw a party. You may have spotted a couple of Halloween parties and you keep your fingers crossed that you are not the only one who shows up in costume. Two Rivers Mall is giving you the chance to get your spooky on but in a slightly different fashion. Say hello to the Halloween Drive-in Cinema Experience!



It may have been some time since you got to enjoy a true cinema experience, the surround sound, the snacks, people’s reactions…remember that one scene from Avengers End Game? Buckle up and drive on down to Two Rivers Mall with family and friends on Saturday, 31st October 2020 and treat yourselves to two Halloween themed films.



To get you started, the first showing will be The Addams Family, a popular film featuring the power couple Gomez and Morticia trying to raise their ‘normal’ family in an odd society. A great animation for the family, that will bring back great memories for the adults and create great memories for the kiddos. The movie is rated PG for macabre, suggestive humor and some action.



A movie not for the faint hearted. The fans who enjoy something a little bit scarier, The Nun is the movie for you. This American gothic supernatural film is all about a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun…creepy right? This movie is rated R for terror, violence, and disturbing/bloody images, so be prepared. Best part about this, is you get to enjoy the film under the beautiful night sky with your friends or maybe with your date.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more details on the Drive-in Cinema experience, it is something you do not want to miss out on. Let us celebrate the love of film and #ExperienceTwoRiversAgain



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