Special Messages Dedicated to Dad’s on Fathers Day – Sunday 21st June 2020

Celebrating Father’s Day With Go Places Digital


Father’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday the 21st of June 2020. This year we decided to celebrate Father’s Day in different ways with messages and tributes from some wonderful people to their Dad’s as well as messages from Dad’s on what it means to be a Father.



Here Are Some Of Our Highlighted Messages


Shailender Singh

Director – Group Food & Beverage Operations, Sarova Hotels

Tribute: My father was a very caring and family oriented parent unlike the norm in his generation where fathers were the providers and emotional well being was the domain of mothers. He was deeply interested in all aspects of my life and was always a very positive influence bolstering my confidence and being a pillar of strength for all the risk taking I did. When I decided to become a Chef, it was not a popular or highly regarded choice at that time and despite being a well known architect himself, my father supported me all the way and celebrated all my milestones. To me he is the ideal portrait of fatherhood and I hope that my daughters will one day think of me in the same vein. I believe that my role as a father is to make my daughters strong, independent and capable of thriving in the world while being grounded to good family values with empathy and consideration for others. I lost my father suddenly in April this year and my regret is not spending enough time with him in his later years, living so far away from him. He will always remain an inspiration for me and his wisdom will continue to guide my life



Mohsine Korich

Michelin Star Chef and Director of Wine and Dine Professionals Ltd

I am so blessed for having my daughter in my life. She is the sunshine that I need every day. I miss you my little princess since you moved back to Holland. I will miss you this Father’s Day.



Arjaa M. Shah

Deputy Corporate General Manager at Tribe Hotel / Trademark Hotel 

Our relationship is one that could fill one thousand pages, which half has not been written. The lessons of life are taught to me faster than the season changes. The greatest lesson of life he has taught me is that life is an open book full of blank pages and the only person who can write is myself, I may not write well everyday but I can always edit a bad page, I can not edit a blank page therefore I should always live life each day as if it was an adventure. Happy Father’s Day! I promise to alway live life and make you proud everyday!


Judy Kepher Gona

Director / Senior Consultant – Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda- STTA

Tribute: Happy Father’s Day Baba! Fatherhood is about balancing caring for your family and yourself. You didn’t tell us how to live. You gave us space to grow and live. Well, you checked out early. But hope we turned out just fine. You are loved forever. Happy fathers day dad. Best for now



Martin McNally

Director – Action in Focus

Being a father. That’s a big subject. A lot of parents lament, “Oh, my kids are growing up too fast!” I kinda feel the opposite (they’re 11 and nearly 14). The older they grow, the more I’ve gotten to enjoy communicating with them and learning how to be a better person from them.

Maybe I’m just lucky, but I thank God that he’s given me such clever children. I’ve never really had to take the “disciplinary” or “punishment” route with them, as I feel that THE MOST important thing one can do as a parent is communicate, ask questions, and appeal to their logic and the brain that God has given them. If there’s an incident of misbehavior, I firmly believe the first approach should be asking “why”? Not in an intimidating way, but to understand what went through his head, and what made him do what he did. Next question: “Well, what do YOU think you should do about it? How would YOU propose solving this problem?” “How do YOU think you can do better next time?” This not only opens a line of communication, but forces him to be a problem solver, and not just someone who “does what he’s told”.

I’m also incredibly grateful for my sons, as they help me to hold myself to a higher standard. They’re smart cookies, and respect logic, so it keeps me on my toes, knowing that just as I require a certain standard of them, I’m also accountable to be a good example, so as to EARN their respect, and not just demand/command it. I honestly don’t know if I’d be where I am today or have accomplished what I have, if I didn’t have them in my corner, motivating me to give it my best, and nothing less.

To my boys on Father’s Day, I just want to say: I love you, and am forever grateful for having you in my life, and for the conscientious, caring, confident, clever, and kind-hearted young men you’re growing up to be. May God always bless and keep you.


Vikash Pattni

Drive time presenter at East fm, Actor, emcee and entertainer! Three time winner of the prestigious TAWAA award for best emcee.

It’s that special day again, when we celebrate those men who took a lot of pain. To make sure I got everything I dreamt, he made more than an attempt! You dad are so amazing, I remember you making my path cool even on the days it was blazing. All the other father’s sent their kids abroad but you gave me what you couldn’t even afford! It’s been 10 years since you have been a single parent, I only wish I get your good qualities inherent. While the rest run to accumulate wealth, I wish you the best of health. Am I not glad mum chose you to be her partner, because if true love is a rose you are the Gardner! Thank you dad for all you do while raising, I thank God because having you is definitely a big blessing! Happy father’s day dad. I love you

Chris Getonga

Director of Sous Chef Limited

Dear Zuri, to use an old adage, ” you are the apple of my eye” when you came into my/our life’s, i got to experience and continue to experience what true selfless love can be. Being a father, also teaches me tolerance and forgiveness. It’s just great.

Fatima Alimohamed

CEO African Brand Warrior, Chair – Agribusiness Sector Association of Ghana Industries, Regional Director Africa – Nations of Women, President – Ghana India Business Council – Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce, Queen Mother – Royal Palace of Memia, Ghana, Multiple International award winner

Tribute: Happy Father’s day to my angel above. He was my best friend, my confidante, my supporter and my superman. The coolest dad and grandad I have known who loved his kids from the depth of his being. He taught me so much about life from balancing religion and the ways of world, from the love of food to travelling, to fighting for your rights and most importantly the meaning of family. Taught me to swim, ride, drive, change a tyre and everything mechanical! My heart aches when I think of him not being here physically, but lives in my prayers daily. For those who know the weight of the word, we called him Baba not dad or father. To know him was to love him. A good father is one of the most precious asset in our society. May he be granted Jannah. Happy Father’s day to all celebrating.


Priyan Solanki

Mr Supranational Kenya 2019 and Go Places Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Brand Ambassador

“There’s no possible way I could pay you back for all that you have done for me growing up, but I greatly appreciate all your hard work raising me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.”Happy Father’s Day “


Jamil Liaquatali Walji

Etherical ties Healer and psychic reader, Owner of twisted bakes with Jamil, Lead designer for Jamil walji couture and Kalamaki Greek Kitchen head chef.

My father was a man like no other. He gave me life, nurtured me , dressed me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me, kissed me, but most important loved me unconditionally. There are not enough words i can say to describe just how important my father was to me, and what powerful influence he continues to be, I love you dad. Now that you are on your journey to the next phase of your life i know you are still around, protecting me wherever i go. Thank you for the gift of life, i forever will be grateful. I will always love you and miss you forever but i know you are in good hands. Until we meet again say hi to mum lots of love from your son. Jamil



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