Social Media Management Solutions For Your Business Brought to You By EyeContentKE

EyeContentKE Social Media Management Solutions For Your Business

EyeContentKE Provides You Social Media Management Solutions For Your Business, We Will Professionally Handle Your Online Presence While You Concentrate On Customers Satisfaction and Improve Your Business.


EyeContentKE Social Media Management Solutions For Your Business Gives You The Peace Of Mind.


As a business owner, manager or shareholder it’s absolutely imperative that you constantly engage with potential clients, especially now that the entire industry is inevitably competing for the same piece of customer pie. No other medium is more effective than social media (if used correctly), and be rest assured just as you do, your customers are all actively using 1, 2 or all 3 of the most popular social media platforms today. However time taken (and the cost implications often overlooked) to come up with effective, engaging and relevant content which continuously piques the interests of your target audience – is nothing short of a mammoth task. Gone are the days where you simply post a picture and hope cross-fingered that your customer walks through the door or places an order. From the cost of professional photography which based on your needs will run out quicker than you know. To finding an effective copywriter, hiring a graphic designer who understands your brand & image, the amount of time taken to train an employee / manager to do the posting (oh and the headache of actually checking and overseeing they’re doing things correctly), the list goes on and on. You may be asking yourself, is there a quicker and more hassle-free solution? A solution where all you have to do is sit back and focus on the more important things like managing and developing your business. Well the solution is finally here



Our social media management packages are currently being used by some of the most successful brands and companies in Kenya today, because we specialize in creating a *Clear, *Consistent, and *Continuous Daily Voice for them with communications directly targeted at their potential customers.


We bring to the table a collective of skilled experts and specialists that work together to build-up your business image, following and customer engagement on social media, through creating daily ‘organic’ content that captures your target audience’s attention.



Save time, save money and save yourself the hassle – ‘we professionally manage your socials, so you can spend more time managing and making your business a success’ – only with EyeContentKE™.


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