Shebasky Connect Courtesy Of Ethiopian Airlines

Shebasky Connect With Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has introduced Shebasky Connect. Stay Connected on Our State of the Art Aircrafts.

Being the number one Aviation group in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to offer ShebaSkyConnect onboard Wi-Fi connectivity during your flight. If your flight is on one of our A350, B777 and 787 chances are high you have access to ShebaSkyConnect service.

The Wi-Fi packages can be purchased from Ethiopian ticket offices, at check-in counter, at boarding gate, onboard from the cabin crew with either cash or credit card.

20 mb – USD 4.99
50 mb – USD 6.99
200 mb – USD 15
100 mb – USD 10
**100MB free for Platinum members**


Discount That Makes You Want To Fly – Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is introducing a 12% discount to selected destinations from Kenya, Nairobi and Mombasa to London, Dublin, Istanbul, Paris, Vienna, Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Toronto.

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Shebasky Connect Courtesy Of Ethiopian Airlines


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Ethiopia’s national airline is Ethiopia’s flag carrier. For starters, over the last seventy years, Ethiopian Carriers has risen to become one of the continent’s leading airlines. It is unrivalled in Africa when it comes to efficiency and operational success. It has made money for almost the entire time it has been in business. The airline has also become one of Ethiopia’s most important industries, operating at the forefront of technological advancements. It is regarded as a trustworthy institution in Africa as well. It also has a large chunk of the pan-African network under its control. This includes all east-west flights on the continent, both daily and twice-daily. Ethiopian Airlines flies to a total of 100 international destinations as well as 21 domestic destinations.

The Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is the major hub for Ethiopian Airlines. It is also one of the largest airports in Africa. On January 21, 2003, the ultra-modern airport terminal was. This spacious terminal handles all international flights with its 21st-century facilities.  Lastly, Addis Ababa Airport is the busiest airport in East Africa. It has the capacity of providing world-class passenger and cargo services to more than 22 million international and domestic passengers each year.

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