Sharing Moments, Karura Forest Cleanup CSR with The Tour Operators Society of Kenya – TOSK

Tour Operators Society of Kenya – clean up of Nairobi’s Karura Forest sharing moments


On Tuesday 23rd June the Tour Operators Society of Kenya engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity  which included the cleaning up of Nairobi’s Karura Forest.


A Report on the Karura Forest Clean Up Activity

The Karura Forest Clean-up was the first and one of a kind for tour Operators Society Sustainable team activities. Early in the morning, all participants met at the Gate C of Karura Forest at 8.30 am. We began with a word of prayer and a brief introduction of the day’s activities.


Brief About Karura Forest

Karura Forest is a forest within the outskirts of Nairobi and has two blocks. The forest covers about 1041 Ha. (2500 acres). The main block is between Limuru Road and Kiambu Road while the smaller block Sigiria is sandwiched by Limuru Road and Peponi Road. It has three entry points; the main entry Limuru gate (Gate A) along Limuru Road, other gate C along Kiambu Rd and Gate C (Sigiria).

The Forest is secure and protects the country’s natural resources. The forest opens to the public from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm to enjoy activities such as picnics, hiking, bicycle cycling and nature walks to name a few.

The forest has:

  • A 15-metre waterfall.
  • Archaeological sites.
  • Caves considered to be sacred and were used as hideouts by the Mau Mau freedom fighters.
  • A patch of bamboo.
  • Marshlands that attract birdlife.

Objectives of the Clean-up Activity

1. To create awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.
2. To achieve the goals and core values of TOSK, sustainability being among them.
3. To drive growth of sustainability in our country for the future of tourism.
4. To engage other tourism players and ensure we work together in future.
5. We are an association taking interest in wider environmental and social tourism issues.


Division into groups

All participants were divided into groups of 18-20 people to help in cleaning up various sections of the forest and also ensuring that the social distancing measures and practices are in place. Every group had their own section to carry out the clean-up activity, guided by one of the staff of FKF (Friends of Karura Forest) and other support staff.


Group 1: Cleaning along Ruaka River near Huruma Bridge. Headed by John Chege.


Group 2: Cleaning along Ruaka River at Bird Watching and picnic site. Headed by Lucy Njoka


Group 3: Cleaning along Family Trail and Turaco. Headed by A. Kuria



Issuing of T-shirt to Dr. Winnie Kiiru and Mr. Peter Njui Operations Manager Friends of Karura for inviting us and welcoming well whole heartedly. We look forward to our continued partnership to ensure Karura is clean.

Final Remarks
All groups returned to the starting point for the final remarks which were made by Dr. Winnie Kiiru. All participants were happy to attend and they look forward to such events from TOSK in the future.

The coverage by The Star Magazine and The Standard Newspaper were also a nice form of publication for our goodwill.


The clean-up activity ended at 1.20 pm and the guests departed at their own pleasure.


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