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Sport Bar

Designed as a more subtle addition to your vehicle’s front end, the RSA Sport Bar handles bumper protection without the dominating size of a full bull bar. For classic looks and sturdy protection, our Sport Bar is constructed from polished thick-wall stainless steel tubing. Built strong and easy to install, the RSA Sport Bar is the ideal protective accent for your vehicle.

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Sports Bar

Roll Bar

The purpose of the roll bar is to protect driver and passengers from injury if the car rolls over onto its roof. A series of tubes that are welded together into a contoured shape, and then bolted directly to the frame members, or rails. Since frame members are located differently on different types of cars, a roll bar is very unique to an individual car, and must be designed for a specific car. These are roll bars that are covered up by body work; they appear to be part of the body.

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Rear Bars

Roof Racks

Roof racks are constructed from oval section steel tubing, giving maximum strength and minimum wind noise. A wind deflector is a standard option with the oval roof rack. The fitting will be either roof or gutter mounted depending on your vehicle.

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Roof Racks

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