Rixos Brake Pads for Your Vehicle, Make Safe and Predictable Stops Every Time


RIXOS BRAKE PADS : Everything You Need To Know About Brake Pads!


Have you ever seen these marks on the roads? They tell a story of vehicles braking, or at least attempting to stop at high speeds. These stories have two potential endings; a driver makes a complete stop and avoids hitting the obstacle all together or they make it to your 9pm news headlines.


We would love to be the driver who makes safe and predictable stops. However, this desired result will not be achieved with faulty brake pads and discs. You might have heard those uncomfortable squeaking sounds they make when attempting to save your life. Those are cries and warning signs of incapability which you should address soon enough. The next uncomfortable sound that you don’t want to hear is of you hammering the very hurdle you have avoided all along. Right?

Your safety as a driver and by extension the safety of your loved ones and other motorists, by far depend on the ability of your car to stop as anticipated. When you step on the brakes your car should magically come to a stop within the desired distance and time. If the experience and performance you get from your car is dissimilar to this, you might want to visit any Tire World Ltd branch near you for a Free Check-up!


Enjoy the feel of real cardamom tea as you relax at our reception area while our technicians fit your car with Rixos Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) Brake pads. Don’t let the word organic dupe you into thinking that wheat or corn maize flour is the materials used to make brake pads. NAO brake pads are made with a mixture of rubber, carbon compounds and non-carcinogenic low metallic materials which are recommended by original equipment manufacturers and accredited by international standards.

Enough with the technical terms! Rixos Brake Pads give you a quiet braking experience in both cold and hot weather conditions. They are soft on your rotors and are suitable for your normal driving and commuting.



Not only will replacing worn brake pads help make your car safer, it may help save money in the long run by helping to prevent avoidable accidents.  Visit any of our tyre centres today and let our professionals guide you!


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