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Your Next Level To Bespoke Suits

A genuinely custom-made bespoke suit may take up to six weeks from measuring to final fitting, but the superiority of the finished article makes it well worth the wait.

We also understand that your time is precious therefore, we take the initiative to deliver to your doorstep and can go through the fitting to have assurance on the complete satisfaction

What We Do

  1. Make An Appointment

We would like to come personalizes our services see at your doorstep at your convenience to go through the tailoring needs as per your requirements. We shall take you through or a wide variety of selection of brands that offer exclusive fabrics. 

  1. Fabric Selection

At Martin Tailors we provide a vast array of information to guide you to make a decision. We offer the latest designs on display, shown in stunning high definition. Browse through our comprehensive portfolio of fabrics, hand-selected by you and find exclusive patterns and colors not available in our normal traditional offerings.

For further customization, you can choose one of our unique fits from within our collections of suits, jackets, sports jackets, and customized shirts.

There are also a variety of collars, cuffs, lapel styles and pocketing to help you create your desired outfit.

  1. Fit Out / Measurements

Our stylist will then help you pick the right suits and style to your needs according to your body. We will take you through inch by inch to the satisfaction of well-fitted clothing.

  1. Add Personalized Style

Innovative and contemporary, our designer range came into being when Martin our Creative Director, decided modern suits needed a shot in the arm. Combining his years of experience and natural flair for design with a healthy disregard for convention, Martin’s created an array of custom-made designer suits and jackets that justify our reputation as ‘the creative tailors that dare’.

We offer monogrammed / initials on shirts, personalize your suit with your names on the outfit.

Collars and Cuffs can be chosen to the wide variety of branded selection.

We place an extreme emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. You can be sure that when you order clothing from Martin Tailors, you’ll receive the best fitting, best looking, and most comfortable clothing you can find.

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