Nairobi Regeneration Handover With Cabinet Secretary, Hon Najib Balala

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Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Najib Balala has this afternoon addressed a press conference before a handover ceremony at the Ministry of Tourism offices. This following the appointment of Major General Mohamed Badi of the Kenya Air Force as the new Director-General 2 days ago by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, in the newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

Previously, the Nairobi Regeneration Committee in partnership with the government had a structured agenda at hand which was to agree on the implementation plan of the transformation of Nairobi City County to be driven by the motto: “Fix Nairobi – Nairobi Urban Regeneration”, whereby the Nairobi City County Government was to partner with the National Government to regenerate Nairobi.

The partnership intended that the National Government and the City-County Government have a common plan, strategy, and similar policies to transform Nairobi into a modern working City. There would be cooperation in developing a road map and a common approach to resolving issues around 7 seven thematic areas that include: Public Safety and Security; Housing and Settlement; Education and Health; Environment, Water, Sanitation and Garbage Management; Traffic Management and City Transport; Jobs, Business and Wealth Creation; Youth, Women, People living with disabilities and social inclusion. “I had an hour of briefing the Major General telling him a lot of work. I have directed all the CECs in Nairobi to prepare a brief of what was designed and what was achieved and what is ready to be rolled out immediately,” CS, Hon. Najib Balala.

The Nairobi Regeneration committee is pleased with the development of the foundation that will be handed over to the DG that includes an institutional framework that is legal and binding. The Nairobi Regeneration committee is happy about progress seen in Nairobi like Nairobi City clean-up which has seen over 250 Tonnes of garbage moved from the city as well as stepping in to ensure that construction permits are given to the right people.

38 roads have also been repaired in Eastlands and over fifty thousand title deeds issued to owners in Embakasi and another five thousand is ready for issuing. The hand over from The Nairobi Regeneration committee will see to it the running and operation of the capital have little to no interference by cartels and political influences that created a mess within the cooperation that the committee desired.

“I want to assure the DG that I will be at his disposal for any advice, he will get all the work that has been done. Both executed and those yet to be executed like the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)”. Major General Badi, assures people living in Nairobi that, now that NMS is taking over, all the projects under Nairobi Regeneration Committee are going to be completed and have a strategy in place and guidelines on projects that I have to complete within the firs a hundred days in office and will make sure that projects that had been started will take off.

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