Nabo Bistro, The Haven Of Pure Deliciousness

Eating Is An Experience, Let’s Create One Together

Nabo Bistro is a rustic and industrial outdoor bistro located in the heart of Lavington, off Ole Nguruone Road. The Executive Chef’s slogan, “Eating is an experience, let’s create one together” is a true reflection of the passion and care she takes in each individual creation. Chef Joy has a love for all things food and specializes in creating dishes that can accommodate all palates, whilst guiding you into trying new dishes and flavors.

At Nabo, the aim is to target different age groups of people, for example, a group of ladies catching up over a bottle of wine and great food, a businessman popping in for a quick lunch ready to enjoy a fine meal, or families looking for a fun time and somewhere their kids can play.

The goal Nabo aims to achieve is taking the customers on a food and drink experience, that will enhance their palates, expand their minds to trying different items and unconventional pairings.

Having opened its doors in October 2019, Nabo has grown to become a fan favorite, with bestsellers such as the Barbacoa tacos, Glazed Asian chicken wings, Cabernet braised lamb shoulder and the Blue Cheese Burger.

Are you on the hunt for mouth-watering tacos, sumptuous cocktails and a good stylish ambiance to match? Nabo Bistro might be the place for you.

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