My Maa Cultural Experience

Part 3 – Third series of south rift tour


Our exit from olkiramatian was early and we had a detour to shompole wilderness camp for a site visit



This is a small private, exclusive camp in shompole its built in a way it doesn’t interfere with fig trees on the banks of Ewaso Ngiro. The camp offers unique tours like, walks with baboons, Maasai Cattle herding tours, Kayaking and messing around with floaters in the river, night game drives etc


Thereafter we started our Journey back via Lake Magadi we branched off from I-cross towards loodariak




where we had a visit to the Maasai manyatta. we wanted to experience the originality of this community and lucky enough we were hosted in a laibon’s homestead. If I am to talk of an original, authentic Maa homestead then this was it! A homestead of over ten manyattas, made completely out of dung and built on a circle formation with the laibon’s house right in the center.

We were hosted by one of the laibon’s wife and we had an amazing experience working hand in hand with her doing her daily activities. In the maasai community almost ninety percent of the work is done by the ladies. firewood fetching, water fetching, cooking, manyatta building and maintenance and milking are just but some of the activities of a normal maasai woman’s day list. My time with this family was such an eye opener the joy in this home was just touching



The evening was creeping in and we had one more stop at the champaign ridge. we were feeling a little bit adventurous and decided to go through kilonito towards the mile 46 then up the mountains for a glimpse of the sunset over the rifts towards the kipeto- loiyangalani wind power projects. I must admit the sights and views meandering up the mountains towards the turbines and the sunsets are just breathtaking.



Point to note this road needs a very good four-wheel drive and you also need to know someone on the ground as the rivers don’t have bridges and prone to flash floods and some parts of the roads get eroded.


When we got to our accommodation in Oldanyati all we wanted was a shower as we were exhausted and very dusty. Our accommodation for the night was at this three bedroom self catering house on a hill overlooking ngong hills and mountains it’s on a quiet neighborhood and has acacia trees all around and has super great sunset views
The following day we did a nature walk around Oldanyati this area you can’t get enough of the views over and beyond


then drove off to Olmarurui via  olosho-oibor


At the memorial site of JM Kariuki
In Olmarurui enjoying south rift over and beyond the beauty of this privately owned space is you can hire the grounds for private outdoor events hikers would love this area as it has few challenging trials and Rock climbing.


Happy moments on the road after hiking Olmarurui heading to Kibuki with Ngong Hills in the background


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