Moroccan Government To Invest Over $1.2bn In Guelmim

Moroccan government To Invest Over $1.2bn In Guelmim

The total amount of Moroccan public investment in Southern Morocco is in excess of $9bn and the region of Guelmim Oued Noun will receive over $1.2bn of this investment.

Government investments include development for projects in several sectors such as health and education infrastructure, utilities (airports, roads, ports) and energy sectors.

AHIF Marketspace will share details about investable hospitality projects in the region including:


Mirleft Sports Camp 

Mirleft is a preserved Berber village that is yet already well-known by lovers of nature. Mirleft coastline is wild and surrounded by an amazing variety of bays coves with pristine beaches.

The vision is to create an eco-resort themed around a large variety of sports, including paragliding, surf, biking, riding etc…. a base for sports exploration and discovery of the desert that leads to several thematic tours that can be done on foot, vehicle, bike, horseback.

Visitors can discover the essence of the desert, with its contrasts, its geography, the sky, the fauna and flora and local culture that fit with the dunes’ scenery and enjoy the cultural components of the region, coupled with animation, sports and leisure activities.

White Beach Resort

Creation of a resort that fit with the dunes’ scenery and the cultural components of the region, coupled with animation, sports and leisure activities. The aim is to create a whole new type of beach destination.

The proposed site for the project is located 62 km South of the city of Guelmim (and its brand-new airport) on the site known as “Plage Blanche”. Plage Blanche is a 30km long beach with high and splendid white sand dunes at the back of it (hence the name). The proposed lot lies on a corner that faces both the Atlantic Oceana and a river mouth on the steps of sand dunes.

Thermal Spa of Abaynou

In the middle of an oasis of palm and olive trees, in the outskirts of Guelmim, Abaynou is small town that is host to thermal springs that are well known in the region. Its waters, rich in calcium, sodium and magnesium among other components, are renowned for their therapeutic properties against skin problems, rheumatism and asthma. The water comes out of the source at a temperature of about 38°C.

The vision is to unleash Abaynou’s potential and to position Guelmim as a renowned well-being and thermal spa tourism destination.

The vision is also to diversify the tourism offer of the city of Guelmim and create a strong and recognizable pole of attraction to raise the profile of the whole region


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