Mombasa Beach Operators Graduate After Training

Graduation Ceremony Of 300 Beach Operators In Partnership Of KCTA


300 Mombasa Beach Operators’ Graduate After Training, Courtesy of Kenya Coast Tourism Association (KCTA) and Mombasa County.


KCTA and Mombasa County marked the world tourism day celebration by conducting a graduation ceremony for the three hundred beach operators recently trained through a partnership between KCTA and Mombasa County department of Tourism Trade and Investment under the banner of Mombasa Beach operators Training and livelihood. 


In the recent past the destination, more so the beach product has been performing dismally with exit reports from tourists showing that most tourists were dissatisfied with the beach experience as a result of harassment by traders at the beach. There have various conversations and even more severe recommendations to remove these traders from the beach, however, such recommendations would only create more conflict between big operators like hotels and the community. 

To find a balance KCTA partnered with the County Government of Mombasa and Technical University of Mombasa to undertake a program that involved stakeholders’ engagement, relationship building, training and alternative livelihoods 

This comprehensive program will revitalise and ignite the beach experience.


Graduation Ceremony Of 300 Beach Operators In Partnership Of KCTA



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Kenya Coast Tourist Association is a nonprofit organization established in 1948, under the umbrella of the East Africa Tourism Travel Association (EATTA), the first recorded tourism promotion organization in East Africa. Upon the demise of the EATTA in 1962, Mombasa & Coast Tourism Association (MCTA) took on the leading role of promoting and supporting tourism on behalf of tourism industry interests based at the coast. The Association changed its name to Kenya Coast Tourist Association (KCTA) to reflect its representation as to the regional tourism association with a presence in the whole of the Coast region in 2014.



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