Message from Wildlife Enthusiast’ Hardik Shiva as Tourism Resumes

Greetings Humans,


As we all know that the tourism industry is currently under enormous pressure due to the flights and airports that have locked the city and airports down due to the precautionary measures taken in by the government’s of the world in trying to diffuse the situation of the pandemic from spreading and finding a cure to nullify it with a scientific vaccine that is currently under development.


But as we move slowly into living each day as it comes I would like to urge not only Kenya but Africa and the world as a whole in helping local tourist attractions survive by travelling within the boundaries of our beloved countries.


It’s necessary for us to protect and preserve our local systematic conservation which is funded by us the citizens and patriots until the tourists arrive back and we can gain our balance back eventually.



The Earth belongs to all of us and we should all play our part in trying to preserve its nature by doing whatever is possible within our power in maintaining it while this Karmic tornado calms it’s way back out of earth after inserting the necessary lesson which we must learn and accept as the last one.


The gates to most of our national parks, reserves and beaches have reopened and most of the lodges and hotels have started receiving guests with all the Covid 19 safety protocols intact as per the Government and W.H.O.


For most of us who travel all over the world and have been at home for the last few months, can now rebook your family holidays and experience the countries tourist attractions like never before, Come experience Magical Kenya, We are Ready to receive the World!



Hardik Shiva Vyas

The Universe


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