Meat Market Fiesta & Classic Swahili Breakfast at Sarova Stanley

Classic Swahili Breakfast & Meat Market Fiesta At Sarova Stanley

Meat Market Fiesta Courtesy Of Sarova Stanley

Get the best meat cuts at the Meat Market Fiesta. Choose from a variety of choices and cuts and let our chefs prepare it to your taste as you relax at the ambient Pool Deck restaurant EVERY FRIDAY FROM 3:00 PM


Kshs 3,500 Per Person

Come in a group of 6 and only pay for 5



Single KShs 12,000 | Double Kshs 14,000

Bed and Breakfast
*Terms & Conditions apply


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Enjoy The Cultural Swahili Breakfast at Sarova Stanley Every Friday

Indulge tastebuds with the Kenyan Classic Swahili Breakfast. What would be more pleasing than starting your day off with the most important meal of the day prepared with a true coastal tradition passed on from generation to generation?

Swahili Breakfast for only Kshs  2500 per person. Bring your appetite on as we offer you a wide array of Swahili breakfast bites such as; Kaimati, Mkate Sinia, Mahamri, Coconut Fish/Chicken, Bhajia, Samosas, Kahawa Tungu & much more.

Make a Reservation: +254 719 048 000 | +254 709 111 000

Classic Swahili Breakfast & Meat Market Fiesta At Sarova Stanley


Sarova Stanley is amongst the few five star rated hotels in Nairobi. It launched itself into Kenyan history in 1902 by becoming the first luxury hotel in Nairobi. It is also known for being able to host prominent world leaders, renowned authors, and international celebrities. Sarova Stanley retains much of its historical charm. However, it at the same time offers all the luxuries and amenities of a five-star hotel.

Today, Sarova Stanley’s heritage character is preserved while offering modern hotel services and amenities to create Nairobi’s best hotel experience. If you crave to enjoy the luxurious amenities provided by the best 5-star hotels in Kenya or taste world-class cuisines, then booking accommodation here lets you achieve it.

Classic Swahili Breakfast & Meat Market Fiesta At Sarova Stanley


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