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Mcensal School of Fashion - Enroll Today!




Launched in 2009, Mcensal School of fashion has quickly become the top fashion college in Kenya. Offering certification from Edexcel Btec. The college is primed to produce the next generation of gifted fashion designers set to revolutionize and influence the fashion industry in Africa as well as competitors who will stand out in the international fashion platform.


For many years, fashion design has been closely associated with tailoring, often considered the last resort after poor performance in school. This is both wrong and unfortunate due to the fact that the international market of fashion is a thriving industry employing millions, adding value and greatly propelling the economies of many nations. In Kenya, there are many aspiring and gifted designers  with  a  passion  for  fashion  and  dreams  to  move  from  just  tailoring  to  become  renowned fashion brands.


There is great potential and genuine interest in fashion in East Africa today, evidenced by the frequent occurrence of creative fashion events. Creativity alone without excellence will however perpetually keep us in a stagnant market. It is upon this foundation that Mcensal School of Fashion is built. The main aspiration of Mcensal School of Fashion is to nurture students  and  provide  them  with  an  atmosphere  that  will  challenge  them  to  aspire  to  be  the  best designers and trendsetters in Africa and worldwide.


Mcensal School of Fashion - Enroll Today!
CEO – Sally Karago


Students are encouraged to move from their comfort zone, by  training  and equipping them with the know-how of transforming  an  idea  into  a  professionally  finished  apparel  thereby  inspiring  them  to  kindle  creativity and be fashion entrepreneurs whose products will compete in the international catwalk. Mcensal School of Fashion students with the guidance of passionate and enthusiastic facilitators become dedicated, responsible and confident members of society.  These are the type of students who will make a difference to the African Fashion Industry.



You may be applying directly from high school or university and be seeking a career in the fashion industries. Or you may simply wish to fuel your personal interest in fashion. Either way, entry to all three fashion programs is highly competitive. Successful applicants will possess an inherent inquisitiveness, the maturity to take responsibility for their personal development, and the capacity to thrive in an environment that encourages critical thinking and clear communication. All classes will be taught in English. Applicants whose first language is not English must prove their proficiency in written and spoken English. You should be able to participate in group discussions and presentations in English.

In order to do a BTEC, there is no cut off point for grades. Candidates can apply by downloading the online Application Form on the Mcensal School of Fashion website or at the college. Part of the application form includes a written essay of why the learner wants to study fashion.


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Once a year we will host an Open Day, with an afternoon session commencing at 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Attendees will be given a tour around the building, meet with staff and students. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the college and the courses offered. The exact dates of our Open Days are published on our website.



Students taking the Higher National Diploma and the National Diploma courses are assessed throughout the course using a rich curriculum including oral presentations, varied assignments and a comprehensive final project each semester. During the study period, the student is assessed once a year by an External Standards Verifier from Edexcel who travels from the United Kingdom.


This ensures that international fashion standards are maintained. At the end of the study period, the student is expected to create an elaborate capsule collection of 3 pieces for the National Diploma and a 7-piece collection for the Higher National Diploma.


This will provide an excellent opportunity for learners to build their portfolio for future studies and job applications. Employability is at the heart of the curriculum with integrated professional practice modules central to the course of study. The resulting personal portfolio and professional CV outputs serve as specialist calling cards for our graduates. Certification will be by completed project-based course work.


Successful students will be awarded the EDEXCEL BTEC Higher National Diploma or National Diploma. The highest achieving Certificate students will be awarded a distinction. For short courses, students will be awarded a Mcensal School of Fashion Design Certificate.


Mcensal School of Fashion - Enroll Today!



We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds. We are happy to advise you on the most suitable program for you depending on your experience.



The College is committed to promoting a positive attitude to disabled people and to creating the conditions in which all students can participate fully in the life of the college. If you are offered a place we will discuss your specific requirements so that we can ensure that you get the most out of college life. If you have a very specific set of requirements, you might find it helpful to contact us prior to application. We also strongly encourage you to disclose your disability on the application form, as this allows us to make any necessary arrangements in good time.


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