Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Need support with understanding your blood sugar levels? Need help in lowering your high blood sugar? Look no further!

With Diabetes and those struggling with high blood sugar, Healthy U has the tool and equipment you need to help you deal with this effectively and sustainably long term.

What is blood sugar?

  • Everybody has sugar in the blood. This is known as glucose and it help to provide your cells and organs with enough energy.
  • We get our sugar from the food and drinks that we consume.
  • When your body cannot transport sugar from your blood into your cells (through not producing enough insulin, or cells not responding to insulin hormone, then this leads to high blood sugar.

Long term, this can turn into diabetes if not addressed.

Symptoms can include;

  • Headache and other aches and pains
  • Very thirsty or hungry
  • Wounds taking a longer than usual time to heal
  • Blurred vision

To name a few…

How to help treat high blood sugar?

1) Control your carb intake

a) Switching to healthier carbs – such as brown rice over white – helps to have a positive impact on the glucose in your blood.

This is due to the increased fibre content.

  • Fibre slows down digestions and absorption of carbohydrates into your blood.
  • This leads to a steadier blood sugar levels, amongst other great benefits.

b) Perhaps try a low carb diet?

  • These range from milder options (such as cutting out processed foods), to a more intense Ketogenic diet (which may have incredible benefits both short term and long).

Visit our nutritionists today to get your customised meal plan!

2) Choose foods with a low glycaemic index or follow a low glycaemic load diet (Low GL). This would address the issue of food quality and quantity

  • The Glycaemic load indicates the type and amount of carbohydrate in the food, and the impact it has on blood sugar levels

Once again – visit our nutritionists today to get your customised meal plan!

3) Switch to alternatives

  • At Healthy U, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to satisfy your sweet tooth, but guilt free!

Try out our extensive range of sugar-free treats and substitutes. You won’t even miss your old treats!

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