Manage your High Blood Pressure

Struggling with High Blood Pressure? Worried about taking medication to manage it? 

There are ways around this! You have the ability to avoid, change, delay or reduce the need for medication. 

Follow these lifestyle tips and tricks to help lower your blood pressure. 


1) Fibre!

  • Make sure that you get adequate fibre in your diet. Fibre is important for our digestive health, but also for blood pressure. Ensuring that you get enough fibre may also help reduce and manage blood pressure!
  • Eat enough leafy greens, fruit and vegetables.
  • Add additional fibre into your diet through consuming psyllium husk

2) Reduce Sodium

  • Reducing your sodium intake can have a great positive impact on your blood pressure immediately.
  • Make sure to always read food labels to be conscious of your food choices.
  • Try to add more whole foods to your diet. This can help to crowd out the more processed foods that may contain sodium.
  • Go gradually. As you slowly cut back on salt, your taste palette will adjust. Therefore over time you will need less salt.

3) Natural supplements

  • Get the support you need from supplements such as Aged Garlic extract, potassium and magnesium. Seek medical advice as these should not be used as a substitute for medication, however, supplements are a great way to boost and support your body’s natural functions.

4) Exercise

  • Making sure that you exercise at least 30 minutes everyday can have a great positive effect on blood pressure! Make sure to be consistent though!


Remember, if you need any further advice to help manage this condition or any others, visit our team of highly trained nutritionists at any one of our Healthy U branches







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