Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2021 – Virtual Show 5th & 6th Oct

Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2021


Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2021 Is Back – Virtual Show


Kenya Tourism Board is excited to present a special edition of Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2021. We will transport Magical Kenya directly into the offices and homes of our travel trade around the world in a revolutionary new way, embracing our new virtual world.


Save the Date 5th and 6th of October 2021


  • Meetings will be pre-scheduled for exhibitors and qualified buyers and we will share some really cool activities online.
  • Reconnect using our virtual event platform for video call meetings
  • Join speed networking sessions to reach key individuals
  • Get involved in thought-provoking panel discussions and seminars
  • Watch exciting on-demand videos of our destination
  • Choose your MKTE experience and be entertained

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Reigniting The Magic of Kenya

Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2021


Looking Back – Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE) 2019


Happy Labour Day 2021


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