Lake Nakuru still has it’s Magic

The first time I went to Nakuru, was way back during a primary school trip courtesy of Wildlife clubs of Kenya. I was very young and am sure just like my village mates this was their first long journey out of Muranga county. Of course we were accustomed to rugged hills but we had not seen such gorgeous landscape as represented by the Rift valley. I remember that journey with a lot of nostalgia and I was looking forward to seeing the famous flamingoes of Lake Nakuru in reality.


Fast forward, on this journey am on my way to Lake Nakuru which now has become a norm every once in a while, only this time am on a mission to see if for real lake Nakuru Has lost its glory. You see a couple of years ago a good part of its euphoric forest was lost to bush fires and flamingoes had moved to other areas as the algae they feast on was no more due to lake’s water level rising.


The road to Nakuru is quite picturesque as it’s on the wall of great rift valley it gives you a 360 degree panoramic views over and beyond with its hills, lakes and mount Longonot giving a breathtaking background.


A journey without tasting our local delicacy at kikopey is not complete at all.


Upon arrival at lake Nakuru the warden was eagerly waiting for us but not before we had gone through sanitizing process. At the moment of our arrival the lake had risen so much until it had flooded up to the former main gate and they had to relocate it to higher grounds and some access roads in the park were also closed. For this reason, we had to backtrack to Derit gate to access the other side of the park.


About Lake Nakuru

On the floor of the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland, lies the beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park. Visitors can enjoy the wide ecological diversity and varied habitats that range from Lake Nakuru itself to the surrounding escarpment and picturesque ridges. Lake Nakuru National Park is ideal for bird watching, hiking, picnic and game drives. This park also has unique vegetation, About 550 different plant species. If you want to have breathtaking views around the park try Lion hill, Baboon cliff and Out of Africa viewpoints.



Fun moments at Makaria falls



During our game drive we visited a few lodges


Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge


Flamingo Hill Camp; This is small exclusive tented camp in Lake Nakuru National Park



On our exit a lot was going through my mind one as much as the lake’s water has risen and affected the landing of flamingoes this park is still as picturesque as ever and there Is a lot of wildlife to see.



Our overnight stay was at Buraha Zenon Hotel Strategically located in a quiet neighborhood the hotel strikes the perfect balance between convenience and serenity; distant from the rush life of the Nakuru CBD and lake Nakuru national park yet proximal to it.



As you can see, I enjoyed my stay here as the food was fresh straight for their garden. It was a breather it’s been a while since I enjoyed my stay in a town hotel. Just like the meaning of its name it sure is a sky high comfort.
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