LA Tasca Anniversary, We are Turning Four & this Calls for Celebration

Walk into a complimentary drink on Us! Savor our free menu bitings all night and let the drinks flow!


For this festivity, we have a beef and beer menu handy, some oyster aphrodisiacs to keep things exciting, and a whole lot of Spanish and Italian Wine if you fancy. Enjoy a live music treatment with good vibrations in the house, and cake, there WILL BE CAKE !!! Save the date folks and reserve your tables early on!⠀



Make it a Love Affair with Wine This Valentines

Planning For A Romantic Treat for Your Partner? Spice things Up this Valentines with our Spanish Red wines. Dive in, whether you prefer a floral to citrus, fruity to vegetal or earthy aromas, we have just the selection to set the mood just right.



You can pick up any of our Wines by the bottle or simply order delivery via:

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1st Floor, Lavington Mall
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