KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2020 From September 4th- 6th, 2020

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 The 6th edition of the biggest and most opinion building Tourism fair in East Africa will be again held from September 4th to 6th, 2020 at TGT, Arusha. 

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Why This Date?

  • The famous TGT ground is still available on those dates
  • Tanzania Tourism needs urgently a “not too far away” marketing platform after all losses to meet, greet & do business
  • Beginning of September Tanzania usually faces good weather, no rains and mild temperatures.
  • It’s 5+ months away from now and gives time for the world-wide panic & infections to calm down
  • It’s 5+ months away from now and gives us and our stakeholders time to re-schedule all activities in a professional way
  • KKF 2020 in September would be the first re-scheduled fair for Africa tourism
  • Tanzania government elections are planned for end of October 2020
  • Asian & European fairs in July/August can be used as additional marketing tool for KKF 2020
  • The date is on the end of a possible Tanzanian “High season”, although many travelers might still be hesitating to travel this year

All KKF 2020 related side events, Fam Trips and Press/Media meetings will be re-scheduled in a similar time frame as before – but for September.

All signed contracts, stand agreements, business terms etc. are fully in place as before. It’s just an unavoidable postponing of dates.

You can be sure, that we will do all in our power to establish a successful event, which sets new benchmarks & positive perspectives for the “weakened” tourism industry.

We wish all of you the best in health & the least possible business damage during the hard times we are all facing.

Facts & news can always be spotted at the modernized website www.kilifair.com

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