Join us in Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The Dada Wellness Festival

Join us in Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The Dada Wellness Festival

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join us at Sarit Centre this Saturday 16th of October 2021 from 9am to 5pm for the Pinktober Go Bald Event as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Join us in Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The Dada Wellness Festival


While You Meet & Greet with Doctors and Cancer Survivors we dare you to go Bald or cut Loose a Couple of Strands of hair as we Support and Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

“Get Screened Today”


Join us in Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The Dada Wellness Festival



DWW is a women health advocacy campaign held by Dada wellness Festival during breast cancer awareness month to sensitize, inform and provide answers around myths and misconceptions in breast cancer, maternal health care and mental health. DWW is a one week campaign starting on the 15-17th of November 2021 at sarit center to give awareness on breast screening, cervical checkups, maternal healthcare and mental health


Breast cancer is the most Prevalent and notorious cancer affecting a huge portion of women in the city, due to the data provided the incidence is expected to rise by 85% in the Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. This trend is alarming and underscores the need to develop evidence based interventions. The evidence generation entails the collection of adequate information on burden, pattern, and prevalence of cancer relative to capacity to promote effective decision making.

DHF seeks to provide a platform where sustained information is availed to the local communities through Localized Dada Health Clubs where the local support groups can be utilized as interventions.


This Festival becomes a culmination of ongoing activities and engagements happening at grass root levels in Dada Health Clubs. We envision a hub of information from patients, survivors healthcare providers and healthcare experts which will sensitize the general public on cancer and maternal health challenges.


What we’ve done so far

  • Breast awareness talk shows on TV and radio
  • Publication materials on cancer
  • Sensitization through media influencers
  • Organization of medical camps
  • Public awareness forums



  • Developing of breast cancer awareness material
  • Arranging awareness lectures for female audience
  • Conduct free clinical breast exams for selected female groups
  • Subsidized mammography fees through our hospital partners
  • Expanded health care access to breast cancer patients


Dada wellness week has partnered with Government and private health institutions, Non-Government Organizations, industry professionals, media and media personalities and other key stakeholders to ensure success of the campaign. To achieve success on a visible impact DWW will be curtain raised by a cycling program on the 30th of October where we have partnered with cycling groups around three counties, Nakuru, Kiambu and Nairobi to sensitize and bring visibility on the charity event.

The DADA HEALTH CYCLING FOR CHARITY EVENT will promote and advocate for;

Strong positive energy around cancer research and women health sensitization increasing the scope of resource mobilization, partnerships and rapid solutions on the issues. Advocacy for the mobilization of resources and educational materials to the public.

DHF aim is to make a lasting difference in the lives of the patients, survivors and families by contributing towards health care access campaigns, advocacy for cancer institutions funding and the cancer social effect research. The event will run on social platforms and also on TV.

The primary goal will be to give clear information on conditions and concerns affecting women through a forum of medical experts like Oncologists, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Dentists, nurses, pharmacy professionals, Counsellors etc.


The forum will also seek to address the following Health issues arising from pregnancy

  • Cancer and pregnancy
  • Mental health during and after pregnancy
  • Mother and Child Care
  • Financial planning
  • Medical insurance awareness


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